10.3 Connumber a hostname

You will certainly now have actually an possibility to configure a hostname on the rexternal. The primary factor for configuring a hostname on a machine is to quickly recognize the device when accessing it remotely. For example, if you are functioning from an office in Milton Keynes but you are configuring a router physically located in London, the only reference you have actually using the command line is the hostname. It is possible that you might be linked to multiple routers at the very same time, so it is essential to establish the correct and identifiable hostname before you change the configuration of the device.

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Watch the video below (which is about 2 minutes long) to see just how to connumber a hostname on a rexternal.


The job for this part is to connumber the rexternal through the hostname ‘Piccadilly’. We are linked to an unconfigured router. If we are asked about the configuration wizard, remember to answer no. Then we have to obtain right into international configuration mode. First we have to enter privileged exec mode by keying enable. Then we have the right to form configure terminal. The prompt will readjust, and also then we are in the configuration mode. We could use the question mark to discover out the command, but there are the majority of choices in this mode. The command also that we need to use is hostname. If you acquire stuck fifty percent means with a command also you deserve to use the question mark to gain help: it will certainly tell you what choices can be supplied with that command also. If I usage the question note, we deserve to watch that the command needs a word as stated in the CLI. This word is what you desire the router to be called. We want this rexternal to be referred to as ‘Piccadilly’, so the full command also will certainly be hostname Piccadilly. As you hit Rerevolve you will certainly see the prompt adjust to ‘Piccadilly’. This configuration readjust will take instant result, as this is currently component of the running configuration. This is the configuration the router is using to make any kind of decisions currently.

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If we want the changes to still be reliable after a reboot, we will need to save the configuration to the startup configuration. When the rexternal transforms on it copies the startup configuration to the running configuration and then continues to make decisions based on this running configuration. We deserve to conserve the config by going earlier to privileged exec mode with the command departure, then use the command also copy running-config startup-config. Now the configuration is saved. If the rexternal was to rebegin now, the configuration of the tool would come ago to the same state. In the next part we will look at configuring an IP deal with via the command-line interface.