If you’ve ever heard the phrase poop deck, you’ve most likely wondered where it came from and also what it indicates.

Although the phrase sounds rather ammaking use of in English, the poop deck of a ship has nopoint to do through poop. It was never before supplied for any function relating to going to the bathroom yet was a very important component of ship design.

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What is a Poop Deck on a Ship?

A poop deck is a brief, high deck of a ship, situated in the aft (back) of a ship. It was traditionally provided to administer a high allude for monitorings and also navigation. Many contemporary ships don’t have actually a poop deck, as it is no longer necessary.

Below is a simple diagram of the poop deck of a ship.


Wbelow Does the Name Poop Deck Come From?

The name Poop Deck originated from the French word La Poupe, which implies “the stern.”This refers to the Poop Deck’s area at the aft of the ship.

Many kind of civilization incorrectly assume that a poop deck is as the name argues, is designed as some sort of a relief location. This couldn’t be additionally from the fact.

Did Sailors Poop off The Poop Deck?

Sailors didn’t poop off the poop deck. The deck’s objective was for navigational and monitoring functions and also tbelow were other places for the sailors to usage as toiallows.

The poop deck would certainly normally be occupied by officers/crew members in charge of the ship, this is the last area that the majority of crew would desire to go to the toilet!

Poop Deck Name Theories

It is commonly welcomed that the name originated from the French word La Poupe, meaning stern but tbelow are regularly various other factors given regarding why this deck is described as the poop deck.

One concept relates to the waves and the idea of the ship being ‘pooped’. Whether this is true in truth or simply a coincidence is unclear.

When a wave originates from behind and also hits the ship in such a method that water comes over the stern, the ship is sassist to have been pooped. But a poop deck raises the elevation of the stern, making it much less most likely that you’ll ship water from the following wave. The poop deck provides it harder to obtain pooped.

– source.

Below is a deck plan of a ship mirroring the poop deck clearly marked on the aft. This ship is the C.A. Thayer, developed in California in 1895. The poop deck location is relatively tiny, compared to the remainder of the ship.

Schooner C.A. THAYER – Image: Anderson, Rictough K. Jr., creator

What is The Poop Cabin on a Ship?

The cabin situated under the poop deck was occasionally referred to as the poop cabin. It is located at the aft of the ship.

What is Meant by “Swabbing the Poop Deck?”

The phrase “swabbing the poop deck” relates to keeping the lumber of the poop deck damp. This would certainly aid to slow decomplace and minimize the hazard of fire caused by the weapons, cannons, and also gunpowder supplied onboard.

Swabbing the Poop Deck additionally gave the crew something to execute to proccasion boredom in the time of long sailings.

Did Titanic Have a Poop Deck?

The Titanic had actually a poop deck which was situated on deck B and also was supplied by third course passengers as exterior recreational area. The Titanic’s poop deck was 128 feet long and bereason of its area, it was among the last decks over the water as the Titanic went dvery own.

On Titanic’s poop deck, tright here was a staircase dvery own to the Steering Gear Room and a docking bridge.

Below is a photo of Titanic’s poop deck.

– source

Photo: Thomas Barker from Cork Examiner

The Titanic was the last big sea liner to be built through a Poop Deck. The Britannic which was already being constructed at the time of the Titanic was developed without a poop deck.

What Is The Difference Between The Poop Deck and also The Quarterdeck?

The Poop Deck is a smaller sized area than the Quarterdeck as it refers only to a specific small item of deck located at the aft of a ship. The Quarterdeck describes the upper deck of the ship situated behind the mast of a ship, of which the Poop Deck is commonly a component.

Do Modern Cruise Ships Have Poop Decks?

Modern ships are no much longer developed through poop decks in the standard sense.

The poop deck supplied to be provided as a method for superiors to watch over the ship’s crew and navigating, on contemporary cruise ships all navigation is done from the ship’s bridge.

As ships have enhanced in dimension the principle of having actually a raised deck to oversee the ship ended up being less useful and also was no much longer necessary in the very same way.

The bridge of a modern ship is situated at the front of the ship, quite than the rear.Below is a photo taken from the bridge of the Royal Princess looking back at the rest of the ship.

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View From The Bridge of The Royal Princess

One Modern Cruise Line Has a ‘Poop Deck’ for Dogs!

Modern cruise ships don’t have poop decks in the conventional sense however you still might have heard this phrase supplied to describe an area of contemporary cruise ships.

Many cruise ships perform not permit dogs or cats aboard the ship however tbelow is one cruise line that does, Cunard Cruise Line. Cunard are a British cruise line and you deserve to learn more about them in our recommfinished cruise lines short article here: