Hayden Panettiere has actually said that she has actually not been contacted to show up in the upcoming Heroes reboot.

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NBC is teaming up through Heroes creator Tim Kring for a minimal run series in 2015 dubbed Heroes Reborn, which will certainly be preyielded by an digital prequel.


Heroes Reborn: Is bringing ago NBC"s cult sci-fi show a great idea?

Panettiere - who played cheerleader Claire Bennet in the original display – has revealed that she actually learned of the reboot from a household member, not the artistic team behind the show.

"It was a shock to me, and also, in truth, I think I came to be privy to that via my cousin," she told Cosmopolitan. "She sent me a text message and also told me around it, and, I mean, we had actually nopoint, nothing to execute via it; it will definitely be amazing to watch exactly how they redesign that."

The actress included that she wants Heroes Reborn to be a "success", however included that she would certainly be opposed to her character Claire Bennet being recast.


Panettiere explained: "It"s a tiny bit of an exciting feeling bereason you go, "That was our present, our house, our household," somepoint that we had actually a major component in creating as well.

"I mean, I hope that they do not have actually somebody else playing our personalities, that would be a small dagger in the heart."

Panettiere is presently starring in the ABC musical drama Nashville.

Watch a teaser for Heroes Reborn below:

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