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Seventhmist from 7th HeavenA future big-time computer animation producer/director named Jim Reardon made excellent usage of this song for the end credits of his animated parody of violent movies, "Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown!" a project for his animation institution. It"s quickly uncovered on YouTube.Jennifur Sun from RamonaWould have loved to have checked out them in perchild. Knew a few Charlies in my life and also I have the right to identify with the Peanuts character very well.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 28th 1959, Cash Box released their Top 100 Singles chart for the week ending 02-28, and also for the first time started making use of a red "bullet" to suggest strongest upward activity each week...The greatest position document via a "bullet" was "Charlie Brown" by the Coasters, it was at #3 and surprisingly only got to #2 on Cash Box"s chart and also also on Billboard"s Hot Top 100 chart...The 3 lowest ranking records through a "bullet" were all in their initially week on the chart; ""Telling Lies" by Fats Domino at #78, "Never Be Anyone Else But You" by Ricky Nelboy at #79, and "Pink Shoe Laces" by Dodie Stevens at #81.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 21st 1959, Atco Records released the Coasters" "Charlie Brown"; six days later January 27th it would enter Billboard"s Hot Top 100 chart at place #69; on March nine it peaked at #2* for 3 weeks and also it continued to be on the chart for 15 weeks...Exactly twenty eight years later on January 21st, 1987 the Coasters were inducted in the Rock "N Roll Hevery one of Fame...And sadly, on January 21st, 1999 blues singer Charles Brvery own passed away at the age of 76; his 1961 his timeless "Please Come Home for Christmas" got to #76 on the Top 100...May he R.I.P.* The three weeks that "Charlie Brown" was at #2, the #1 record for those 3 weeks was "Venus" by Frankie Avalon.Esskayess from Dallas, TxI always smile at the Chipmunkian line, "Yeah, you!"Christy from Rome, GaAccording to Glenn Altschuler in _All Shook Up: How Rock "n" Roll Changed America_ the lyrics to Charlie Brvery own are an example of just how Rock N Roll songs have actually presented stereotypes of blacks as comic figures. (check out web page 57)Chomper from Franjkin County, Paoops..I expect in the fifties and sixties. my mistake .Chomper from Franjkin County, Pa(from the book "The Wacky Top 40" ") Rock On : .. After composing hits in the and early on sixies for the Coasters and also such stars as Elvis Presley , the Drifters , and also Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller looked after the climb of peak girl groups like the Dixie Cups and the Shangri - Las, created documents for Procol Harum, and also scored a variety of movies. ...As for the Coasters, tragedy struck numerous previous and also more recent members. .. In 1961, saxaphonist King Curtis was stabbed to death external his apartment. ..In 1980, bass singer Nathaniel "Buster" Wilson was swarm and also eliminated, his body dismembered and also dumped near Hoover Dam. ..Six days later on, Bobby Nunn died of a heart attack. ..In 1990, tenor Cornelius Gunter was gunned down in his vehicle. ...In 1987, Leiber and Stoller and the Coasters were inducted right into the Rock and Roll Hevery one of Fame.Stew from Bklyn, NyI was always under the impression that charlie brown was written by charles millette, originally, roughly 1956/ 57. Further it was composed around a child in our 7th grade course, (of the very same name), and also was a pretty great description of him. The college was Mark Twain jhs in Bklyn. NY.Alex from Albany kind of, NyThe line "Who calls the English teacher Daddy-O?" is a reference to The Blackboard Jungle.Howard from St. Louis Park, MnI favor the component wbelow the bass voice says "Why is everybody constantly picking on me?" I can perform that part extremely well and also right in sync.Dee from Indianapolis, InWhat an excellent song. I like alot of the Coaster"s songs however this is the one most civilization associate through them once you hear it. view even more comments
Like a Rolling StoneBob Dylan

Bob Dylan"s 4 handcomposed pages containing the original draft of "Like a Rolling Stone" fetched over $2m at Sothebys New York in June 2014 establishing a price record for a famous music manumanuscript.

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GrenadeBruno Mars

"Grenade" was a term offered on the present Jersey Shore to mean an ugly girl. Bruno Mars says his hit song through that title was composed prior to the display began.

Get in SandmanMetallica

The original "Get in Sandman" lyric was about crib death, with the "sandman" killing a baby.

ToxicBritney Spears

"Toxic" was the most-searched song on Google in 2004 and aided Spears become the most-searched artist that year, a title she organized from 1999-2001.

99 ProblemsJay-Z

Jay-Z"s version of "99 Problems" is a cover of a 1993 song by Ice-T with the lyrics readjusted to be about Jay"s rise to fame.

Truckin"Grateful Dead

"Truckin"" was created as the Grateful Dead were founding their long, stselection trip, settling into a life of constant touring. They rode busses and holed up in modest hotels to continue to be grounded.

Jello BiafraSongwriter Interviews

The previous Dead Kennedys frontman on the previous, current and also future of the band, what music renders us "pliant and stupid," and what he learned from Alice Cooper.

Jesus In Pop Hits: The Gospel Songs That Went MainstreamTune Writing

These overtly spiritual songs crossed over to the pop charts, despite resistance from fans, and in many kind of cases, churches.

Top Amerihave the right to Idol Moments: Songs And ScandalsTrack Writing

Surprise exits, a catfight and some incredibly memorable performances make our list of the many memorable Idol moments.

Rick SpringfieldSongwriter Interviews

Rick has actually a surpincreasing dark side, a strong feminine side and, in a particular TV present, a naked backside. But he still hasn"t found Jessie"s Girl.

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Album Cover InspirationsSong Writing

Some album art was at leastern "inspired" by others. A look at some very similar covers.

90s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

First question: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnchild appeared in videos for what artist?