One heartbreak after one more. Year after year. Seachild after season. Sport after sport.

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O�Brien, 35, a South Euclid aboriginal living in Los Angeles and operating an e-commerce organization called the Environment-friendly Life, has decided to execute somepoint around his sporting activities sadness.

He has created a coloring book referred to as Why is Daddy Sad on Sunday? He is elevating money through the digital endeavor Kickstarter to self-publish the book in April.

He took a few minutes to answer concerns about his task.

Q: How did you come up via this idea?

A: I was stuck in L.A. website traffic, listening to sporting activities talk radio and also heard that the Browns were going to fire their front office again, and it struck a chord via me that the entirety recent background has actually just been comical. I was thinking about exactly how I can ever before explain it to my 1-year-old daughter once she is old sufficient, and also the coloring book idea pertained to me.

Q: Are you sad on Sunday watching the Browns?

A: At this point, I have actually moved past being sad. Now I am just constantly disappointed to the suggest of finding every little thing that happens totally ridiculous. I execute view a glimmer of hope though for the future, and also I really desire to see them obtain it together. If you ask my wife, she will say I�m sad, though.

Q: Which Cleveland sport is the the majority of disappointing and also sad?

A: I think it hregarding be the Browns. They have been a mess pretty much given that the mid-�90s and never before seem to obtain it together. Although the Cavs are recording up to them after �The Decision� and what has actually taken place after that. They seem to ultimately be headed in the best direction, so I hope it continues, although I have learned to temper my expectations at this allude.

Q: Is this book for children or simply sad fathers?

A: I think it is for both. The fathers (and also mothers) deserve to use it as a way to get over the past disappointments in a humorous way, and also the youngsters will learn about the past debacles we hear around as youngsters from the adults. Cleveland also sporting activities have actually so a lot lore attached to them. As a kid I remember hearing around �Red Right 88� and also �The Curse of Rocky Colavito� and I think it is an excellent way to pass on the legacy in a fun way. There might also be a few Cleveland triumphs that discover their way into the pperiods, as I am a fan.

Q: Why are you making use of Kickstarter for this?

A: I initially was only going to carry out the book for myself and also a few close friends and also family, but I figured that tbelow might be some other fans out tbelow that would be into it. So, I chose to get a quote for a small print run and then see if I deserve to raise sufficient money for that. That is wbelow the $2,000 budobtain came from. If I didn�t raise that money, I was just going to make a couple of out of my own pocket.

Q: Exordinary just how Kickstarter functions. Do you repay the money human being put up? What execute they gain out of the deal?

A: People can pledge different levels of funding and they get a different reward based on their donation. The money goes towards capital the job and also creating the reward. For example, in my task, human being that donate $25 can obtain a copy of my book plus their name in the Thank You area of the book. It�s a fun way to money the project as well as gain a distinct part of the project.

Q: What are your 5 many disappointing moments?

A: 1) �The Drive.� 2). �The Fumble.� 3) Art Modell relocating the Browns out of Cleveland also. 4) Video Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. 5) �The Decision� ... The Fumble and the Drive are more than likely the a lot of painful for me. I was a boy when they taken place and also I assumed for certain that were going to win the Super Bowl. I remember my mom taking me for ice cream after The Fumble occurred to consingle me. I�ve never forgiven John Elmeans or Denver for those childhood memories.

Note: As of Tuesday, O�Brien had elevated practically $17,000 from 564 donors � much surpassing his original goal $2,000. The fundelevating drive will certainly end March 17.

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