In eukaryotes, the transcription procedure is catalyzed by among 3 RNA polymerases: RNA polymerase I, RNA polymerase II, and also RNA polymerase III. These 3 RNA polymerases develop different RNA products, each with personalities unique from the others. But regardmuch less of which enzyme homolog is offered, transcription still happens in the nucleus, though they might vary in the actual site.

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Why is a cap added to mRNA, yet not to tRNA or rRNA?

A. RNA polymerase II transcribes mRNA, whereas RNA polymerase I transcribes rRNA, and also RNA polymerase III transcribes tRNA. The domain that assists other enzymes in including the cap is uncovered in RNA polymerase II just.

B. The double stranded areas on tRNA and also mRNA lead to facility folding and a three-dimensional form of each molecule. The framework of tRNA and also rRNA makes the 5’ end of the molecule ineasily accessible to the enzymes that add the cap.

C. Transcription and handling of mRNA occur in the nucleus, wright here cap binding proteins are uncovered. These proteins, which add and also modify the cap, are not discovered in the cytoplasm, wright here tRNA and rRNA are transcribed and processed.

D. Only mRNA consists of introns. The capping process requires RNA to interact with the proteins that remove introns. As such, the capping and splicing procedures happen at the same time.


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