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Life with her household is ok for Sissy till her sister Stella-Ronperform comes home just prior to the 4th of July with a son that she clintends in embraced after leaving her husband also, whom Sister had been dating first. Sister describes that her sister is spoiled and also proceeds to display the reader exactly how. When Sister raises a question about the baby"s parentage bereason she looks so similar to the family, Stella Ronda is angered. Over the course of the day, she finds methods of turning the family members members against sister. Later, Sister hears Stella-Ronperform upstairs yelling and goes to examine on her. Stella-Ronexecute asks Sister to tell her what she sees external and Sister claims she sees their grandfather and their Uncle Rondo, that happens to be wearing Stella-Rondo"s kimono from her husband. Stella-Roncarry out speculates on why he is wearing it but at last just declares he"s a fool. In in between thefeuds, Sister is doing various tasks around the house such as cooking and preparing food.While making food, her mother comes in criticizing her for what she"s making and also Sister calls her our for the unfair treatment she receives. The topic transforms to the adopted child, and also Sister notes that the kid hasn"t shelp a solitary word considering that she arrived. The mother marcs as much as Stella-Rondo to ask if she can talk, but in doing so, blames Sister for saying the child can"t talk. This results in more blame on Sister and she watches as the whole household is turned versus her. At dinner, Stella-Rondo tells her uncle that Sister was mocking him for wearing the kimono. She tries to explain yet to no avail. The next morning, Uncle Roncarry out throws a package of lit firecrackers into her bedroom. It"s at this point that she decides to move off to the P.O. wright here she is post-mianxiety for the town. She gradually reclintends her possessions, including the ones that others are utilizing or borrowing without permission. As she leaves and asserts her items and ideas, theothersbegin to take notification. Thefamily continues to waver between taunting her and also convincing her to stay. However, once it"s clear that Sister is leaving, they largely swear off using the short article office completely. She calls out this inconsistency and exactly how it will certainly impact Stella-Rondo"s life, which sends out her into a fit of anger and also tears.

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Sister leaves and also sets up life in the P.O., happy to be rid of her household.


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