Honorable Mention in the category of Disability Rights, Gustavus Myers Publication Award, 2004Paul Longeven more was selected by the Amerideserve to Association of People through Disabilities to obtain The Henry B. Betts Award, 2004

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"Personal inclination made me a chronicler. Personal encounter with public plan made me an activist."

This wide-ranging book reflects why Paul Longeven more is among the the majority of respected figures in discapability researches this day. Understanding disability as a significant selection of human suffer, he urges us to create it as a category of social, political, and historical evaluation in much the same means that race, gender, and class already have been. The essays here search for the often surprise pattern of systemic prejudice and also probe right into the institutionalized discrimination that affects the one in five Americans with disabilities.Whether creating about the social doubter Randolph Bourne, contemporary political activists, or media representations of world with disabilities, Longeven more demonstprices that the search for heroes is an essential part of the proceeding battle of disabled human being to obtain a voice and also to shape their destinies. His esstates on bioethics and also public plan study the problem of agendas between discapability rights activists and also non-disabled plan equipments, healthtreatment professionals, euthanasia proponents, and corporate clinical administrations. The title essay, which concludes the book, demonstrates the need of activism for any type of disabled person who desires accessibility to the Amerideserve to dream.

"Paul Longmore"s sharp and also cogent criticism has always sought and discovered the heart of the discapacity rights activity. But these esclaims go far past activism and constitute a social record for a people adrift. Longmore"s refreshing views recurrent an intellectual Ellis Island for world with disabilities, hampered by administration, myth and sentiment, trying to uncover a place in America. His stories are as essential to this nation"s feeling of self as the Mayflower"s landing at Plymouth Rock." John Hockenberry, writer of A River Out Of Eden and Moving Violations

"Paul Longeven more is sindicate the best chronicler currently composing around disabilities. This volume collects a series of major essays that have shaped the academic and also public discourse around disabilities inside of and also past the university. From the uncomposed history of disabled world to questions of aided self-destruction, and the public challenge of discapability society, Longeven more writes intelligently, compassionately, and readably. Read these esstates and learn!" Sander L. Gilman, Distinguiburned Professor of the Liberal Arts and also Sciences and also of Medicine, The College of Illinois-Chicago

"Longeven more uses poignant monitorings about imperiods of discapability in American society....A major stamina of Longmore"s esclaims is calling our attention to historical antecedents, so that existing discapability concerns deserve to be put in the context of advances in society and modern technology." New Political Science

"Longmore"s newest work offers an engaging discussion of some of the major problems and comes to within the disability area and also a scholarly evaluation of the significant occasions in discapability background.... The book offers an detailed accountancy of discapacity civil liberties background, scholarship, activism, and advocacy. It is lively and also very obtainable and also is an important contribution to the papers of disability research studies, as well as widening and deepening our national understanding of the intricacy of our background, one the author"s declared purposes."The Journal of Sociology and also Social Welfare

"Why I Burned My Publication is a must-review for anyone seeking to understand the history and the current worries of discapacity." The Progressive

"Why I Burned My Publication and Other Esstates on Discapability is a arsenal of some of his ideal composing on both background and plan. The combination of scholarship and activism displayed in this book is exciting." H-Net

"The strength of Longmore"s work-related (is) in remembering the continuous marginalization of millions(.) Longeven more obstacles and disrupts dominant beliefs of "normality" and also discapability. In addition, he uses an alternative in writing the examine of disability as social background.... Longmore"s message is a worthy read for its intellectual sensibility." Metapsychology Online

"As is noticeable from the issues they raise, both (The Difference That Discapacity Makes and Why I Burned My Book) take an extra provocative stance concerning disability—one that is vastly various from just how discapacity has been traditionally debated in educational conmessages.... Together both publications have the right to carry out a start toolbox to difficulty educators and also researchers to take another look at our methods and assumptions around discapacity." Educational Researcher

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Foreword – Robert DawidoffIntroductionPart I: Analyses and also Reconstructions1. Discapability Watch2. The Life of Randolph Bourne and also the Need for a History of Disabled People3. Uncovering the Hidden History of Disabled People4. The League of the Physically Handicapped and the Great Depression: A Case Study in the New Discapability History 5. The Discapacity Rights Moment: Activism in the 1970s and BeyondPart II: Images and Reflections6. Film Reviews7. Screening Stereotypes: Imperiods of Disabled People in Television and Motion PicturesPart III: Ethics and also Advocacy8. Elizabeth Bouby means of, Assisted Suicide, and Social Prejudice9. The Resistance: The Discapacity Rights Movement and also Assisted Suicide10. Medical Decision Making and People through Disabilities: A Clash of CulturesPart IV: Protests and Forecasts11. The 2nd Phase: From Disability Rights to Disability Culture12. Princeton and Peter Singer13. Why I Burned My BookIndex

Paul K. Longmore is Professor of History at San Francisco State University. He is the author of The Invention of George Washington and also the co-editor (via Lauri Umansky) of The New Discapability History: Amerideserve to Perspectives.