About Why Don"t We Fall in Love

"Why Don"t We Fall in Love" is a song composed and developed by Rich Harrichild for Amerideserve to R&B singer Amerie"s dehowever album, All I Have (2002). Released as the album"s lead single in the United Kingdom in October 2001 and in the USA in July 2002 after being sent out US Urban/Urban AC, Top 40 and Rhythmic radio in April 2002, the song got to number twenty-three on the Billboard Hot 100 and also became a height ten hit on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. It performed moderately in other places, peaking at number forty in the UK and also number seventy-3 in Australia. The song is also offered for the promo of the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restmuch less. It is additionally one of the songs supplied in the Amerideserve to version of Doncrucial Konga 2. Part of the lutz-heilmann.info, in addition to the background music, was sampled in the song Rule the World by 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande.more »

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So many things I"m goin" throughSo a lot that I wanna doIt startin" to come to be so clear to meTomorrow ain"t really what it seemsSo many days I"ve thought of youIt"s around time you knew the truthGot to act easily, you and also IWe autumn in love, so many factors whyWhy do not we (So why do not we), don"t weWhy do not we, why don"t we (Yeah)Why don"t we, why do not we autumn in love (Why do not we fall in love)(It"s so many kind of reason)(It"s the only thing that matters to me)Why don"t we loss in loveIt takes such a fill off to let you knowThat you"re the just one I never desire to goThink I never before did recognize what to doA love I never felt, currently I feel through youWhy do not I simply swenable each and eincredibly ounce of my prideEverything you carry out I wanna feel againAin"t no use for us to pretendWhy don"t we, do not we (Why can not we)Why do not we (Why can not we), why don"t we (Why can not we)Why don"t we, why don"t we loss in love (We, can"t we fall)Why don"t we, why do not we (Yeah, yeah)Why don"t we, why do not we loss in love (Oh)Why (Yeah)Come via meTomorrow we"re guaranteed loveBaby, let"s beBaby, let"s beWhy do not we, why do not weWhy don"t we, why do not we autumn in loveWhy don"t we, why don"t we (Oh)Why don"t we, why don"t we autumn in loveOh...ohNo, no, no, noWhoa...ohOh...oh...ohOhOh, yeah

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Amerie Amerie Mi Marie Rogers (born January 12, 1981), well-known professionally as Amerie or Ameriie, is an Amerideserve to recording artist, document producer, and actress. She debuted in 2002 via the album All I Have, mostly co-composed and also developed by Rich Harrichild, and also was well got in the urban industry. In 2005, Amerie released her greatest hit to day, "1 Thing", the lead single from her second album, Touch, which garnered her crossover acknowledgment and earned 2 Grammy Award nominations.

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Her third album, Because I Love It, completed modeprice worldwide success in 2007, although it was not released in North America, and also she subsequently left her label Columbia Records. Amerie released her fourth studio album, In Love & War, in 2009, her initially album under Island also … even more »