Shannara Has Finally Summoned the Warlock Lord Spike releases 2 clips from Wednesday night"s back-to-earlier episodes of The Shannara Chronicles, reflecting The Warlock Lord being summoned.

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After numerous episodes of build-up, The Shannara Chronicles is lastly bringing back the Warlock Lord. The much-anticipated moment will certainly take area during back-to-back episodes airing Wednesday night. This is the second week in a row that Shannara has aired two episodes in one night.

The Warlock Lord"s return was initially foreshadowed in the beginning of seakid 2, once Bandon (Marcus Vanco) took it upon himself to resurrect the evil Druid. Bandon challenged numerous roadblocks in his pursuit, with Allanon (Manu Bennett) opposing him at eexceptionally rotate. In last week"s episodes, Bandon obtained the last piece required to restore him. He acquired the skull of the Warlock Lord after forcing Wil (Austin Butler) to profession it for the life of his uncle Flick. Before Wil can decide, Flick killed himself. Bandon fled with the skull and also trapped both Wil and Mareth (Malese Jow) in a chamber with a poisoned Allanon. VIDEO OF THE DAY

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Spike has actually released 2 clips from the first hour of the double header. In one clip, fans lastly acquire to watch the Warlock Lord in the flesh, rather than just the yellowed-eyed wraith that occasionally pops in. After Bandon chants the summoning spell and also stabs his sword into the ground, the naked develop of the Warlock Lord materializes in the center of a circle of fire.

In the second clip, Mareth and Wil read a Druid tome in hopes of finding a means to conserve Allanon. They uncover that Mareth will have to enter Allanon"s dreams. Unfortunately, if Allanon dies while Mareth is still inside his head, she will certainly die via him. Wil reluctantly agrees to the setup.

Spike has actually additionally released synopses for the 2 episodes, titled "Warlock" and also "Amberle":

Bandon and his followers race to resurrect the Warlock Lord while Mareth should risk every little thing before it"s as well late.

Wil need to challenge his previous. The bond between Allanon and Mareth continues to thrive.

It stays to be viewed if Bandon"s initiatives to gain back the Warlock Lord will certainly pay off in the way he expects them to. It wouldn"t be surpclimbing to anyone but Bandon if the Warlock Lord kills him immediately. However before, it"s possible that Bandon have the right to proceed to be useful to the Warlock Lord.

In last week"s episodes, we learned that Queen Tamlin (Caroline Chekezie) had made a attend to the Warlock Lord, permitting him to drink from Heaven"s Well and also replenish his energies, though he was killed before he can collect. With the Warlock Lord earlier among the living aacquire, one of his first stops might be Queen Tamlin"s royal residence.

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The Shannara Chronicles continues Wednesday via back-to-ago episodes of "Warlock" and Amberle" on Spike.

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