Werewolves have the right to be stout and frightening enemies in The Witcher 3. Here"s a look at how you can take dvery own these fearsome foes.

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geralt fighting a werewolf and a fill of wolves.
Werewolves in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are classified as "Cursed Ones" under the monster identification umbrella. Individuals from both human and also nonhuguy races have the right to be afflicted with lycanthropy, which warps them into horrid beasts as soon as the moon is complete, though these civilization do not remember their actions while in beast create. When someone transcreates, they shed the rational side of themselves, letting the primal nature of a creature in hungry agony take over. This results in werewolves possessing the intellect and also sadistic cruelty of a perchild and the vicious nature, rapid movements, and also beastly power of a wolf.

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As a type of creature that only started showing up in the human being of The Witcher series after the Conjunction of the Spheres, they understandably possess supernatural powers past that of natural furred fiends like widespread wolves and also bears. Werewolves are remarkably quick and also powerful, though their the majority of tough trait to conquer in battle is their constant health rejuvenation. Even the the majority of expert witchers need to watch their action roughly these apex predators and consult known methods in order to obtain the advantage, for strolling as much as such a monster in the light of the moon while unprepared deserve to bring about a gruesome end for Geralt.

5 Use Moon Dust To Block Health Regeneration

cloud of silver about geralt and a lesser vampire.
This bomb is mostly provided as a means to soptimal particular monsters from teleporting or transcreating, as it leaves a cloud of silexceptionally powder in the air that blocks magic. However, versus werewolves, it has a various feature. When a Moon Dust bomb explodes and renders contact with a lycanthrope, it halts their wellness rebirth. This is the many straightforward technique of blocking a werewolf"s extremely quick healing. It have the right to likewise be offered in conjunction with various other approaches that damage Geralt"s furry foe over time for terrific outcomes.

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Each standard Moon Dust bomb that hits its mark will disable the good wolf"s restorative abilities for 20 seconds, through the magnified variation lasting 40 secs, and also the premium upgrade permanently blocking the rerotate of health points to the moonlit monstrosity.

geralt utilizing a bomb through poichild gas on a monster indoors.
Another good bomb to use against werewolves is Devil"s Puffball. As lycanthropes are not immune or resistant to poiboy, using it against them deserve to immensely help counter their annoying wellness regen; fundamentally canceling it out while the beastern is within Geralt"s toxic cloud. If stacked via the effects of a Moon Dust bomb, it can easily drain large chunks of a werewolf"s wellness.

All levels of this bomb deal out a flat 100 points of poison damage per second, so the a lot of important difference between the basic, amplified, and exceptional versions are the result durations. The lowest level has a 10-second effect, the following level up has a 30-second impact, and the final form of Devil"s Puffball has actually an effective time of 33 seconds.

geralt facing a fill of wolves in a field.
Werewolves are used to physically conquering eincredibly confrontation that they find themselves in. This normally requires them searching, mauling, or murdering human being as well as pets via little bit to no resistance. However, when confronted with a challenge; a witcher of equivalent rate, strength, and resilience; lycanthropes will certainly howl for backup. This summons a fill of regular wolves to their aid, which results in an extremely different sort of fight.

Thankcompletely, widespread wild canines are not almost as much of a risk as their therianthrope kin. Witchers need to focus on eliminating these lesser beasts easily, as they can be quite a pain to deal with while fighting the much tougher werewolf devil. Utilizing Group Layout methods can help clear out a load. If offered in tandem through Aard deserve to yield avenues wbelow Geralt deserve to totally tear down one or more wolves via this windy magical sign, which lets the witcher perform a finishing move to instantly rids himself of one enemy. Rinse and repeat until only the werewolf is left.

Witcher 3 Wolven Sword
Although cursed ones favor werewolves are only vulnerable to the type dubbed Cursed Oil, it might not be the finest coating for one"s silver sword. Although all variants of Cursed Oil give a valuable damages increase versus resilient lycanthropes, players must think around using Beast Oil instead. Beast Oil has no result on werewolves, however, is considerably valuable as soon as dealing with the continual wolves that the monster summons to their side.

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Against a enemy that will recover expensive amounts of health eextremely second, taking out distractions and also various other dangers easily is important. Getting delayed over the course of a entirety fight have the right to grant the werewolf many kind of opportunities to recover wellness points, which will constantly put Geralt at a disbenefit and also prolong the fight. Such a case can cause the witcher running out of potions; an extremely dangerous place to be in. The highest possible level of Beastern Oil supplies a far-ranging 50% damages increase per slash for 60 effective assaults, which have the right to aid one cleave through a fill of wolves at document speeds.

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The Igni magical sign is most likely the a lot of used out of all the indicators by witchers the civilization over for its wonderful flexibility in most cases and the amount of damage it does, also against foes not notably at risk to fire. Against werewolves, it is the most valuable sign to usage as lycanthropes are weak to fire and also obtain stunned briefly when impacted by a witcher"s scorching blast. This can open up them up for a few silver sword slashes or make them remain put lengthy enough to be hit by a bomb.

The finest strategy to take dvery own a werewolf actually uses this extremely method. Devil"s Puffsphere, in addition to wreaking havoc on a werewolf"s health and wellness bar, is also exceptionally flammable. If one"s tarobtain is within a lingering cloud of the noxious green fumes produced by this bomb, unleashing Igni (from a safe distance) have the right to reason a terrible explosion that will sfinish any kind of lycanthrope reeling.

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