Why does the switch respond with startup-config is not present?

The switch responds with “startup-config is not present” because the start up configuration hasn’t been saved yet. Why is the login command required? The login command is required because it makes it so the user will be prompted with a login request. without it, the user won’t be able to access the router.

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How do I find my startup-config?

To display the contents of NVRAM (if present and valid) or to show the configuration file pointed to by the CONFIG_FILE environment variable, use the show startup-config EXEC command.

How do I copy running-config to startup-config?

The running configuration is stored in RAM; the startup configuration is stored in NVRAM. To display the current running configuration, enter the show running-config command. Enter the copy running-config startup-config command to save the current running configuration to the startup configuration file in NVRAM.

What is startup configuration?

A startup configuration is stored in the nonvolatile memory of a device, which means that all configuration changes are saved even if the device loses power. To copy your running configuration into the startup configuration you need to type the command copy running-configuration startup-configuration.

What is the command for startup-config?

Switch(config)#CTRL-Z. Switch#copy running-config startup-config.

What does erase startup-config do?

If your switch runs Cisco IOS, it maintains a running configuration file and a startup configuration file, both of which you need to clear. Enter write erase, which erases the NVRAM file system and removes all files. At the prompt, confirm that you want to erase all files.

How do I wipe my router clean?

A factory reset wipes your router’s custom settings and returns it to a like-new state….If that doesn’t work, try the method:

Hold in the button for 30 seconds.Unplug the router for 30 seconds.Plug the router back in.Hold in the reset button for another 30 seconds.

How do I delete ROMmon config?

1.To erase the configuration file, issue the erase nvram: command. Reload the router by issuing the reload command. 2. If this does not solve the problem, attempt to break into ROM Monitor (ROMmon) by issuing the break sequence (usually Ctrl and break from the Hyperterminal) from a console connection.

How do I get rid of running config?

To clear out the running config file, simply erase the startup config file and then reload the device.

What is the command to reset a Cisco switch?

To reset the switch to factory default, issue the erase startup-config or write erase command. This command does not clear the boot variables, such as config-register and boot system settings.

How do I reset my Cisco router to factory settings without a password?

Find the below steps to recovery password for Cisco 2960.

Power off the switch first, then press and hold the mode button while you power on the switch again. To initialize the flash file system, run the command: You can now list the contents of your flash by running. To further boot the switch run the boot command as:

How do I reset a Cisco switch?


Reset the switch to factory defaults: Erase the existing configuration: write erase. Reload the switch software: reload. Save the configuration: IP_switch-A-1# copy running-config startup-config.Reboot the switch and wait for the switch to reload: IP_switch-A-1# reload.

How do I reset my 3560 switch?

First you need to power down the switch. Once the switch is powered off, hold down the mode button, and power the switch on. The switch will boot up and you should see the switch prompt as shown below. flashfs<0>: flashfs fsck took 11 seconds.

How do you reset a network switch?

Manually Reset the Switch

Disconnect all Ethernet cables from the switch.Using a pin, press and hold the Reset button on the switch for 15 to 20 seconds. Once all the port LEDs light up, release the Reset button.Connect your computer directly to the switch using an Ethernet cable.

How do I configure a Cisco switch?

How to configure Cisco switch?

Step 1: Use an external emulator such as Telnet or a PuTTY to login to the switch.Switch# configure terminal. Step 2: Provide a hostname for the switch to function in a particular network environment.Switch(config)#hostname switch. Step 3: Configure an administration password (enable secret password)

How do I configure a manageable switch?

Create the VLANs.

Log in to the management page of the switch.Go to Routing – VLAN – VLAN Static Routing Wizard.Enter the VLAN ID, the IP Address and the Network Mask for the VLAN. Select the ports to add to the VLAN. Click Apply. When prompted with the Global IP routing mode window, click OK.

What are the steps to configure a switch?

Step 1: Inspect your hardware. Check the model number of your shiny new switch. Step 2: Set up management IP. Step 3: Check VTP revision number. Step 4: Configure access ports. Step 5: Configure trunk ports. Step 6: Configure access ports. Step 7: Set up VTY line config.

How do you configure VLAN?

First, VLAN support needs to be enabled on the switch if it is not already:

Choose Switch configuration.Choose Advanced Features.Choose VLAN Menu…Choose VLAN Support.Set Enable VLANs to Yes if it is not already, and choose a number of VLANs. Restart the switch to apply the changes.

Can we configure VLAN on router?

Configuring VLAN Routing via CLI The configuration of the VLAN router port is similar to that of a physical port. The main difference is that, after the VLAN has been created, you must use the show ip vlan command to determine the VLAN’s interface ID so that you can use it in the router configuration commands.

Do you need a router for VLAN?

VLANs don’t need routers to communicate. Well, they usually do, but not necessarily. They just need some “external help”.

What is native VLAN?

The Native VLAN is simply the one VLAN which traverses a Trunk port without a VLAN tag.

Is native VLAN required?

In order to configure native VLAN, switch port trunk native VLAN command is used. Native VLANs are recognized if they are not tagged to any trunks. It is not necessary to have native VLAN on the trunk.

Where is native VLAN used?

In short, the native VLAN is a way of carrying untagged traffic across one or more switches. Consider this Example. The ports that the hosts connect to are trunk ports, with native VLAN 15 configured. Carrying untagged traffic has its uses.

How do I know if a VLAN is active?

Use the show vlan command to verify your VLAN configuration. This command displays all switchports and their associated VLAN as well as the VLAN status and some extra parameters that relate to Token Ring and FDDI trunks. You can use the show vlan id command to see information about a particular VLAN.

Why does the switch respond with startup config is not present?

The switch responds with “startup-config is not present” because the start up configuration hasn’t been saved yet. Why is the login command required? The login command is required because it makes it so the user will be prompted with a login request. without it, the user won’t be able to access the router.

What is the range of values shown for Vty lines?

Open or configure vty lines. You can specify a single line or a range of lines. The range is 0–29.

What is line Vty command?

The VTY lines are the Virtual Terminal lines of the router, used solely to control inbound Telnet connections. They are virtual, in the sense that they are a function of software – there is no hardware associated with them. They appear in the configuration as line vty 0 4.

What is the meaning of line Vty 5 15?

of-band management sessions

How many Vty lines does a switch have?

16 VTY lines

What does Vty stand for?

Very Truly Yours

What is the meaning for line Vty 0 4?

Virtual teletype

What does line console 0 mean?

physical console port

What is enable secret?

# enable secret – it will enables a password and password encryption that based on the md5 hashing algorithm. This is is a most recommended command to supply while enabling a password to any cisco network devices.

What is a console password?

Console password is useful on a network on which multiple people have to access to the router. Thus it prevents unauthorized person from accessing the router. Configuring console password of a CISCO routers: Enter global configuration mode of the CISCO router. Put the command line console 0 to the router.

What is logging synchronous for the console line?

“logging synchronous” prevents every logging output from immediately interrupting your console session. See command documentation: “This keeps unsolicited messages and debug output from being interspersed with solicited software output and prompts.”

Which command can you enter to disable logging for terminal lines?

If you’re on the console, you can either disable console logging with the global configuration no logging console command. Or, you can synchronize the logging messages with your command prompt.

What is the difference between login and login local Cisco?

Login = You need 1 piece of ID to get in a password. Login Local = You need 2 pieces, both a username and a password.

How do I login as local user?

Login Windows with Local Account without Typing Computer Name

In the username field simply enter .\. The domain below will disappear, and switch to your local computer name without typing it;Then specify your local username after the . \. It will use the local account with that username.

What does login local mean?

The login local command tells the Router to authenticate all incoming virtual terminal sessions via the local username database — aka, users created using the username XXX password YYY command. Using login local skips the checking and validating against the VTY password set within line vty 0 4 .

What is login local Vty?

Login local refers to the local database to login to vty lines,such as local user u have configured. login is an option to specify if any one wants to connect to or authenticate to an vty lines..

What are the differences between enable console and vty passwords?

The main difference between the two is one is not-encrypted and the other one is. Enable – This is a command that allows you to start programming the switch….Enable password

enable.conf t.enable password enablepassword service password-encryption

What is AAA New Model?

switch(config)# aaa new-model. My book says ” new model” refers to the use of method lists by which authentication methods and sources can be grouped or organised.”.

What does transport input ssh do?

The transport input ssh command when entered on the switch vty (virtual terminal lines) will encrypt all inbound controlled telnet connections.

Which command is used to see the connections made from your router to a remote device?


What is transport input telnet?

The command transport input telnet specifies that telnet can be used as an incoming protocol, but no other protocols are allowed. You can also specify the preferred protocol to use after a user has connected to a line. By default, the preferred protocol is telnet .

What happens when the transport input ssh command is entered on the switch Vty lines?

Explanation: The transport input ssh command when entered on the switch vty (virtual terminal lines) will encrypt all inbound controlled telnet connections.

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What is Stopbits 1 Cisco?

Stopbits command means: stopbits 1. Improve throughput by reducing async framing overhead (default is stopbits 2). Transport input command means: To define which protocols to use to connect to a specific line of the router, use.