3.4. Limiting Use of Disk Void through Quotas

Windows 2000 initially presented the quota function, enabling an administrator to specify a limit or collection of borders on the usage of disk space by individual individuals. Up till Windows 2000, Windows quota support was accessible only via third-party software, which was generally incredibly expensive.

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Windows Server 2003"s quota administration attributes some amazing properties:

Windows Server 2003 can distinguish in between quantities, so you have the right to set different quotas on various volumes to possibly segregate kinds of information, or to sell a certain volume for one department"s exclusive usage.You can assign quotas on mapped drives as long as the physical quantities to which the mapped drives point were created with Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 or were upgraded to either of the later versions from Windows NT 4.0.

Unfavor some third-party software programs, Windows Server 2003 does not allow grace writes . That is, some software program enables a user to proceed an operationsay, a record copy processeven if in the time of the middle of that operation the quota is got to. Server 2003 does not permit this; it will reduced off the procedure when the quota is reached. As usual, though, neat functions always contain weak points. First, quotas are supported just on disks formatted via the NTFS filedevice. This isn"t too surprising because many gradual filedevice functions aren"t available under the assorted flavors of FAT. 2nd and perhaps more disturbing is that, due to an architectural limitation, filesystem-based quotas can be added just to individual customers. This creates fairly a headache, as most other network operating units allow you to collection a default quota based on team membership. In this manner, all normal customers could have actually 500MB, power users and executives could have 1.5 GB, and administrators could have actually unminimal room. Additionally, payroll individuals can have actually 250 MB, while the sales team with their myriad PowerPoint presentations might need 1 GB a piece. Alas, Windows Server does not support this, but later on in this area I"ll display you a problematic however workable method about this limitation. And third, Windows Server 2003 does not administer any kind of messaging mechanism once users exceed their quota. The OS ssuggest writes an occasion to the System event log, and also although you deserve to filter with these occasions using either the GUI or the command also line, as defined later on, it still needs manual labor on your part. This definitely can be improved in future revisions.

3.4.1. Setting Default Quotas

To put up default quotas via Windows Explorer, follow these steps:

Open My Computer, right-click the drive for which you want to permit quota support, and also pick Properties.

Navigate to the Quota tab.

Make sure the Enable quota management checkbox is checked. If it"s not, quota support is not allowed. If you desire to proceed, inspect this checkbox.

Choose one or even more of the following selections based upon your needs:

Deny disk room to individuals exceeding quota limit

If you check this checkbox, when users reach their intake limit, Windows returns an "inenough disk space" error, thereby staying clear of them from writing even more information until they either adjust or remove records to make even more area easily accessible. To individual application programs wright here this behavior is taken on in assorted means it shows up that the volume is complete. If the checkbox is not checked, users deserve to exceed their quota limit, which renders this an efficient method to sindicate track disk usage by user and not enpressure limits on storage room usage.

Limit disk room to

Here, specify the amount of area newly developed individuals of the disk have the right to fill, and also the amount of space that have the right to be used before advises are recorded in the occasion log (well-known as the soft quota, or warning level). You deserve to use decimal values and varying units to fine-tune your settings.

Log event once a user exceeds their quota limit

If quotas are allowed, disk event entries are recorded hourly in the mechanism occasion log as soon as a user reaches his difficult quota, or main limit.

Log occasion as soon as a user exceeds their warning level

If quotas are enabled, disk occasion entries are taped hourly in the device occasion log once a user reaches his soft quota, or warning level.

3.4.2. Configuring Individual Quota Entries

You could discover it useful to set individual quotas for specific users which exempt them from a much more limiting default quota you can have configured. This is valuable in working approximately the limitation of being able to assign quotas to individuals and also fileunits, however not to groups. You have the right to collection these individual quota entries with the GUI by clicking the Quota Entries switch on the Quota tab under the Properties sheet of the disk in question. In the Quota Entries for Drive box, choose Quota from the pull-dvery own food selection and click New Quota. Figure 3-13 shows this.

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Select the user to which to apply the brand-new quota, and in the box configure the constraints on the user"s area.