Star Wars: KOTOR (Knight of the Old Republic) is a role-playing game set in the Star Wars world. Developed by BioWare and also published by LucasArts, the game was released for the Xbox on July 15, 2003, and for Microsoft Windows on November 19, 2003. The game was later on ported to various other gadgets and also obtained nothing yet praise from individuals and critics.

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However, Windows individuals (specifically Windows 10) have checked out that the game is almost difficult to play; either with continuous crashes emerging in the time of the game or crashes right after the game is opened up which prevent you from opening it at all. Follow the instructions below in order to try and also solve KOTOR on your PC.

What Caoffers Star Wars: KOTOR to Crash?

There are rather a few factors which cause the game to crash on a Windows 10 and also it’s difficult to pin dvery own a certain cause. Some world have complained that the game is a negative port for COMPUTER from the begin, as well. Here are some usual causes for the crashes:

In-game graphics settings which were buggy from the release or which are ssuggest not supported by your PC’s setupOld motorists which can’t save up with the game’s settings or which have lost assistance by your present variation of the operating systemIntroductory video documents which are played as soon as you launch the game were problematic for fairly a couple of players

How to Fix Kotor Crashing on Windows 10

Solution 1: Turn off Various Graphics Settings

If the game actually launches and you are able to begin playing, the error is probably pertained to graphic settings which need to be turned off to prevent the often crashes. Not all graphic settings are bad for your setup but specific graphics cards absolutely struggle running particular functions so try turning them off and inspect to see if the game crashes.

If you have purchased the game utilizing Steam, open up your Steam regime by double-clicking its symbol from the Deskpeak or by looking for it in the Start menu or the Cortana switch (search bar) next to it (if you are using Windows 10).

Navigate to the Library tab in the Steam home window and situate Star Wars: KOTOR in the list of games you own in the library.Right-click on the game and choose the Play Game entry in the conmessage menu. If the game is not mounted via Steam, simply situate the game’s symbol on your computer system and double click it.


From the game’s primary menu, scroll dvery own and click on Options. Try and also locate the Graphics Options area and also click the Modern Options button. Under this sub-section, locate the V-Sync alternative and turn it off. Besides that, you must attempt and also rotate off the grass, Frame Buffer, and softshadows options as that helped several customers get rid of the crashing.Your problem need to be reresolved after running the game aobtain.

Note: These settings must be turned off one by one via constant checking if the game currently launches and plays correctly as the game will certainly look much uglier without these graphics options.

Systems 2: Update Your Graphics Drivers

If the game has been crashing for a while, especially since you have initially mounted it, you could want to blame it on the game’s video motorists as brand-new games often need the latest Windows updates and the latest graphics card motorists in order to run correctly. It’s also recommfinished if you have just updated the game and also it provided to job-related correctly.

The various other scenario is the one in which the crashes begin to take place simply after a driver update and also that can be blamed straight on the brand-new drivers which aren’t well optimized for the game or they usage innovations not accepted by the game. Either means, the problem becomes straightforward to resolve if you follow the procedures below.

Updating the Driver:

Click on the Start food selection, form in “Device Manager” through Start food selection open up, and choose it from the list of results by simply tapping the height result. You deserve to likewise usage the Windows Key + R key combicountry in order to open up the Run dialog box. Type in “devmgmt.msc” in the Run box and also click OK in order to run it.


Due to the fact that it’s the graphics card driver you desire to update on your PC, expand also the Display adapters component by clicking the arrowhead alongside it, ideal click on your graphics card and choose the Uninstall Device choice.


Confirm any dialogues which might ask you to confirm the uninstallation of the present graphics driver and also wait for the process to finish.Look for your graphics card driver on the card’s manufacturer’s website and also follow their instructions which should be easily accessible on the website. Make sure you pick the latest driver. Save the installation file on your computer and run it from tbelow. Your computer may rebegin several times throughout the installation.Try running Star Wars: KOTORagain and check to check out if the crash still occurs.

Nvidia Drivers — Click Here!

AMD Drivers — Click Here!

Note: If you like to save your operating mechanism updated (and you should), latest drivers are often downloaded and also mounted via Windows updates so make sure you keep your computer’s operating mechanism up to date at all times. Windows Upday is intended to be run automatically however anything, consisting of you, can have actually turned automatic updates off.

No issue which variation of Windows you are making use of, follow the actions below in order to upday your COMPUTER since this strategy works for all versions of Windows:

Open the PowerCovering tool by right-clicking the Start menu and clicking on the Windows PowerCovering (Admin) choice from the conmessage food selection.


If you watch Command also Prompt rather of PowerShell in this context menu, you can also search for PowerCovering in the Start food selection or the Cortana bar next to it. This time, make certain you right-click on the outcome and also choose Run as administrator from the menu.In the Powershell console, type in “cmd” and also remain patient for Powershell to adjust its interconfront to the cmd-choose home window which could show up even more herbal to Command also Prompt users.In the “cmd”-like consingle, type in the command shown below and also make sure you click Enter afterwards:

wuauclt.exe /updatenowLet this command also do its point for at leastern an hour and also examine ago to see if any type of updates were uncovered and also set up on your computer.

Systems 3: Delete The Introductory Video Files

This approach is aimed particularly at customers who can’t run the game at all because it crashes straight on startup. This is often because of the game’s introductory video documents which were not expected to be run on all screen sizes. You can follow the procedures listed below to delete or rename them, bring about them to be skipped the following time KOTOR is launched.

Navigate to your KOTOR installation folder. If you haven’t made any type of transforms throughout the installation component about the forced installation folder, it should be Local Disk >> Program Files or Program Files (x86) >> Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.However, if you have the game’s shortreduced on the desktop, you deserve to ssuggest right-click it and also choose the Open file location choice from the context food selection which will show up.Locate the folder called Movies in the game’s root folder and also double-click it. Rename the complying with three files: biologo.bik, leclogo design.bik and legal.bik. This means you deserve to readjust their names to the old worths if this process malfunctions.


Try running the game and also inspect to view if it still crashes often!

Systems 4: Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

Weirdly, running the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3) is able to resolve the crashing problem on its very own. The culprit for this cause is that the game is really old and Windows XP was the the majority of provided operating system at that time.

Locate the Star Wars: KOTOR shortcut on the Deskheight or look for the original executable which is located in the folder where you have installed the game.You can likewise search for the game’s main executable by clicking the Start food selection button or the search button beside it and also typing KOTOR. Anymethod, right-click on the executable and also choose the Properties choice from the context menu which will certainly show up.


Navigate to the Compatibility tab in the Properties home window and examine the box alongside the “Run this regimen in compatibility mode for:” setting under the Compatibility mode area. Click the dropdvery own menu and pick Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3 from the list.Click on either OK or Apply and restart your computer system just to make sure the transforms have actually been used. Check to watch if the game is currently crashing as it provided to.

Solution 5: Tweak the .ini File

This configuration file can be supplied to readjust some settings which deserve to hardly be adjusted from within the game so it’s incredibly useful if you can’t even gain the game to launch. You have to sindicate include several lines in order to try and settle your difficulty immediately.

Navigate to your KOTOR installation folder. If you haven’t made any type of changes in the time of the installation component about the required installation folder, it have to be Local Disk >> Program Files or Program Files (x86) >> Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.However, if you have actually the game’s shortcut on the desktop computer, you have the right to simply right-click on it and also choose the Open file area option from the conmessage menu which will appear.Locate the file called “swkotor.ini”, right-click on it and also pick to open up it via Notepad.


Paste the adhering to line in this file under Graphics Options and save the changes by utilizing the Ctrl + S key combination:

Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1Run the game and check to watch if it still crashes.Note: You can likewise usage these commands if the actions above have actually faicaused produce helpful results. Still, by complying with these actions, the game will certainly now launch in windowed mode which have the right to be switched to fullscreen either by clicking the Maximize button or by using the Ctrl + Get in key combicountry.

Open the “swkotor.ini” in the KOTOR game folder as you did above and under the section, change “Fullscreen=1” to “Fullscreen=0” if the choice is there


Also, include the adhering to line under simply . Save the alters and also run the game from Steam or by double-clicking its executable to view if it still crashes.


Equipment 6: Reinstall the Game

Reinstalling the game have the right to carry out wonders and also there are even tutorials on how to conserve your current progression and also simply proceed playing after the reinstall. Follow the procedures below in order to uninstall the game entirely and then install it aobtain to check out if it still crashes on your PC.

Uninstalling the game:

Click on the Start food selection switch and open Control Panel by looking for it. Additionally, you can click the equipment icon in order to open up the Setups.In Control Panel, switch to View as: Classification at the top appropriate edge and click on Uninstall a Program under the Programs section.

If you are using the Setups on Windows 10, clicking on Apps must instantly open up a list of all set up devices and also programs on your PC.Locate KOTOR in the list either in Setups or Control Panel, click on it as soon as and click the Uninstall switch situated in the respective home window. Confirm any kind of dialog choices to uninstall the game, and follow the instructions which will show up on screen.Alteraboriginal for Steam Users: If you have actually purchased the game on Steam, open up up your Steam client by double-clicking its symbol from the Deskpeak or the Start menu.

Navigate to the Library tab in the Steam client window and also situate KOTOR in the list of the games you very own in your library.Right-click on the game and also select the Uninstall option.Follow the instructions which will appear on display screen and also wait for the procedure to complete patiently.

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In order to reinstall the game, you will certainly either have to insert the disc you bought it on and follow the instructions within the installation wizard or you will must download it aget from Steam.