Yeah, this was a hot mess. We don"t know why the kid died and what taken place to belly flop guy? And the crazy a$$ shootout at the finish WTF? I really provided to prefer this show however it has gone off the deep finish this seaboy.

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This episode feels like it was displayed out of order. Beale is ago, no explacountry, Deeks is back, no explanation. Felt like a "filler" episode that can have been shown at any time during the seachild.


Watch it to view please. 

I save reasoning through all the juggling that they have actually had actually to carry out that it will certainly all adjust aacquire. Hopefully next episode. 

Watch it to see please. 

I store reasoning with all the juggling that they have actually had actually to execute that it will certainly all readjust aacquire. Hopecompletely following episode. 

I am watching it incredibly quickly, I am so came to it has run its time though. It is such a shame, it was so continual till seaboy 9, seachild 10 was bareable, however this is past a joke. I am surprised the actors don"t question how pathetic it is to be honest.

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This episode feels favor it was shown out of order. Beale is earlier, no explacountry, Deeks is earlier, no explacountry. Felt favor a "filler" episode that could have been presented at any time in the time of the seachild.

This episode was definitely a stand alone one. It really can have been shoved in all over. The randomness of Beale being earlier makes me wonder if this was swarm last seachild. It appeared to fit through the premise that bereason they had gone off the publications last seaboy to rescue Mosley"s child, they would certainly execute off the publications form of objectives etc. This to me felt a little that means inclined, as Kilbride retained trying to execute things without informing them initially.

The shootout at the finish appeared out of whack with the rest of the episode, as if they had run over time and also essential to wrap it up quick. It was bizarre exactly how the child just up and died via no reason known.

Seriously though, I really want to go ago to the calm and in regulate Nell. The one that was being trained by Hetty to end up being a Hetty-prefer character. I really dislike who she is coming to be and also she was always among my favourites. I miss out on the Nellverine. Her clothes and also her actions are ridiculous. They need to sheight dressing her like a marshmpermit that has been dipped in ridiculous different food colourings! 

And Hetty, I assumed they advertised she was back this week? Did I imagine that? (I might have actually as I was fairly sleep deprived at times last week)