Samsung is just one of the leading Android manufacturers in the human being. It has actually a vast dedicated customer base who like buying Samsung phones because of distinct and also interesting functions it offers. But many users are discovered complaining that their Samsung phones hang also often. It’s an irritating difficulty as a hanging phone is no much better than a frozen phone.

Thankfully, it’s a short-term problem and also you can troubleshoot it. This short article aims to discuss the possible factors why Samsung s7 dropping calls and also exactly how to settle this concern and also proccasion it from happening in the future.

5 Ways to Solve Samsung Phone Keeps Hanging Up

Why My Samsung Phone Keeps on Automatically Hanging Up

If you’re wondering why is my phone dropping calls or hanging up immediately, then you’re not alone. A myriad of factors could make Samsung phone hang abruptly or drop calls, however listed below are some common causes.

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Signal issueInaccordingly placed SIM cardPhysical or liquid damageDamaged SIM cardLess complimentary room leads Running hefty appsLess RAM

5 Ways to Solve Samsung Phone Keeps Hanging Up

No issue what the factor can be, you have the right to deal with the problem of Samsung hanging up instantly making use of the below approaches. For your ease, we will present a step-by-action overview on just how to implement these methods.

Way 1: Force Reboot Your Samsung Phone

Force reboot your mobile is the ideal and also easiest way to remove my Samsung phone keeps hanging up concern. It removes any short-lived bug or glitch in the system. To force reboot your Samsung:

Note: (Because Samsung comes in many type of versions, the process is topic to change. I will outline the a lot of prevalent technique to pressure reboot a Samsung mobile.)
Press and also hold volume dvery own and also power keys for a couple of secs till you see the Samsung logo design on the display screen.

Then, again push and also hold the power button to rebegin your phone.


Way 2: Boot Your Samsung Phone in Safe Mode

Any malfunctioning application can cause Samsung phone keeps dropping calls. So, you need to enter the safe mode to inspect if it’s the case as safe mode disables all third-party apps set up on your phone.

Press and hold the power vital of your Samsung phone till power option shows up on the display.Now, push and also host the power alternative and you will certainly view a pop-up alternative mirroring Reboot to Safe Mode will show up.Tap on Ok to enter into safe mode. Use your mobile for a while. If it doesn’t hang up on the safe mode, then you don’t should delete any third-party application.

If your calling hangs up in the safe mode. you can uninstall third-party apps choose Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, one by one till the issue gets resolved.


Way 3: One-Click to Clear Samsung Phone Cache

We know that shortage of cost-free area also leads to your mobile hanging up of dropping calls. Eincredibly mobile stores temporary records in the develop of cache. Deleting them frees up extra room on your mobile and also frequently fixes the problem of your Samsung phone dropping calls.

Delete cache records through one click:

Run ReiBoot for Android.

Select ‘One-Click to Clear System Cache’.

Wait for the regimen deleting cache and don’t disattach the regimen.

Cleared successfully!


Way 4: Do a Back-up and Reset Samsung Phone

If namong the above techniques work-related, then you need to recollection your phone as a last resort. This method will delete all the information on your mobile, so backup your information before performing a hard recollection.

Turn off the mobile and also press and also organize the Volume Up and the Home tricks simultaneously to switch on your phone. When you see the device logo design on the display, release just the power vital.Now, you will certainly view the Android mechanism recoextremely menu after a few seconds. Use Volume dvery own essential to highlight ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and also push the Power crucial to pick it.Aget, use Volume dvery own crucial to highlight ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and also select it utilizing Power crucial to begin the master recollection.The device will take some time to finish the understand reset and will certainly highlight the ‘Reboot device now’.

Finally, press the Power key to reboot your Android mobile.


Way 5: Update System to Fix Samsung Phone Keeps Hanging Up

Unfortunately, many kind of of the abovementioned methods don’t work as promised. If you don’t desire to go with this hit and also trial procedure of what strategy can resolve your issue and also desire a straight solution, then ReiBoot for Android is what you’re searching for.

This multifeatured software application is designed to repair 100+ Android OS minor and significant worries in just a couple of minutes. Its super intuitive dashboard and ease of usage make it the best Android repairing tool available online. (Remember, this software functions just on Samsung mobiles)

It will identify your Samsung mobile. Now, hit on Fix Now to resolve Samsung hanging up immediately issue.

Then, fill in the information of your Samsung device. Use the drop-dvery own arrowhead to enter the details.

Now, ReiBoot will downpack the latest firmware package equivalent to your Android gadget. Browse a place on your computer to save it and don’t disaffix the phone in the time of the downloading procedure.

Once the firmware package is downloaded, click Repair Now to proceed.

Then, follow the instructions on the display screen to enter corresponding to your Samsung mobile version i.e., is it via or without residence switch, to enter right into downfill mode.

The software will take a few minutes to totally repair your mobile phone. Once it is completed, click Done and also your mobile will rebegin and function appropriately.





Like any other mobile phone, Samsung mobile is prone to hanging – and it hangs frequently. But tright here are methods, debated above, through which you can make certain you resolve the problem once and also for all. All of the above tips are valuable and also solve the concern in many instances.

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However, if you’re in search of the quickest technique to get rid of samsung s7 dropping calls permanently, then ReiBoot for Android is at your organization. This effective software application repairs OS of your Samsung mobile to ensure your mobile never drops calls or hangs ever aacquire.