I can not hear you! But that"s not all. Report Abuse. One way for physicians to discover out what"s going on inside the body is to study what flows out of it. I additionally take an SSRI. Recent Active. Soptimal taking one supplements for a couple of days to a week to check out if it clears up. Give it a few days to watch if the smell subsides. It"s among those weird things. Urinalysis labs have the right to additionally test for miniscule amounts of sugar, blood, amino acids and other molecules, he sassist. If so, acquire yourself to an entomologist, I suppose an internist.

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Sometimes, your urine deserve to even take on a popcorn-choose scent. Ok, so when you pee and also it smells prefer Cheerios, does that suppose you have low blood sugar or high blood sugar? At what age have the right to babies begin eating foods prefer Cheerios? Maybe Cheerios smells favor urine However, if you drink sufficient fluids and are otherwise healthy and balanced, urine does not commonly have actually a solid smell. I had been diagnosed via pre-diabetes. Certain foods and medications, consisting of vitamins, might impact your urine"s odor.

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Breastfeeding dehydprices some, dunnit? Please re-permit javascript to access complete use. Everyone in my office is now looking at me and wondering what is so funny! While I was breastfeeding my pee and my baby"s pee often had actually a starray and distinctive odor - I thought it weirdly smelled of baby formula which neither of us was consuming. It is a condition that no one in my family members has actually ever before had actually. Urine shade may adjust as a result of something as innocuous as medicines or foods, or as malevolent as an infection or cancer. I"ve noticed this for years currently. I likewise smell something in my urine. Have you checked your urethra for cartoon bees? So therefore "flushing" your device. My piss smells choose straight Scotch. What vitamins are you taking?

My piss smells favor Honey Nut Cheerios.

We had actually trouble talking to the server.Or, Newark or East St.There is no normal.And eating gargantuan amounts of fava beans or rhubarb can additionally revolve urine dark brown or babsence.I occupational vanilla bean seeds right into my urine.It"s normally diagnosed in infants and also treated through dietary limitations, which need to be started at an early stage in life to prevent brain damages and also other troubles.

It"s Metafilter"s 20th anniversary! To celebrate, shave the right to some cats or help fund Mefi! Why does my pee smell like Cheerios? Recently I"ve noticed my pee sometimes smells like Cheerios. To be clear, I am not deliberately smelling my pee, it"s simply really strong. I am female, 35, and breastfeeding a four-month old. Baby"s pee sometimes smells choose Cheerios as well. I do not eat Cheerios extremely frequently. I do eat sweets. I additionally take the majority of vitamins - a pre-natal multivitamin I am not pregnant , fish oil supplements, flax oil supplements, calcium supplements, iron supplements, and 2 lactation supplements Lactation Blfinish and Fenugreek. I also take an SSRI. Also, not Cheerios. I did a google search and also uncovered a couple of other civilization asking the same question but no real answers. I am curious! Also, if this suggests I have actually diabetes, it would be nice to know that. Yeah diabetes was my initially assumed too. The kid is four months old?

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My pee smells choose cheerios. What Caprovides Urine to Smell Like Popcorn and How Is This Treated?

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Everyone knows that urine has a distinct odor. This is normal, and nothing to be involved around. Sometimes, your urine deserve to even take on a popcorn-prefer scent.

Assuming you are not diabetic go gain your blood sugar checked I"m willing to bet one of the supplements or medications is bring about it.

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