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Like a lot of residence appliances, your Samsung fridge is at risk to make a few noises during its continuous procedure. Some of them, yet, can cause you to feel involved. For example, a Samsung fridge making knocking noises would certainly reason any kind of homeowner problem, however that’s not constantly a clear indicator of a problem.

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When a Samsung fridge renders knocking noises, it could be brought about by a frosted-over ice maker fan, loose water pipes, or even a malfunctioning ice maker. What’s even more, those knocking sounds might be coming from the plastic components inside the fridge as they expand also and also contract together with the temperature changes.

Whatever the instance could be, don’t worry! In this write-up, you’re going to learn everything you have to know around each of those possibilities, including what you have the right to do to settle the worry.


Even though these ice machines are constructed into the ice maker, their assemblies are also removable. That renders them exceptionally straightforward to relocation if they were to ever malfeature.

How it fails:

It’s not inexplicable for the ice maker in a Samsung fridge to make a knocking noise. Firstly, you need to preeminence out the opportunity that the sound is being resulted in by the fan hitting a buildup of frost and also ice (as questioned previously in this article).

Once you’ve shown that the fan isn’t the culprit, then the ice maker itself could be problematic. You can confirm this by additionally looking out for other telltale indicators.

For instance, the knocking noise can additionally be accompanied by a lack of ice being made by the ice maker. When these symptoms take place together, they’re all clear indicators that tell you the ice maker is malfunctioning and leading to that knocking noise that you hear.

How to fix:

To fix a malfunctioning ice maker in a Samsung fridge, all you need to do is replace it via a new one. The first step to doing that is to determine the exact form of ice maker you have actually in your fridge.

There are two methods to carry out this. Firstly, describe any kind of documentation you might have, such as the fridge’s user hand-operated and its technological sheet. Those records must tell you the specific component number for the replacement ice maker.

If those aren’t useful, then you deserve to remove the ice maker from the fridge and view what type it’s making use of. Doing that could be difficult if there’s a buildup of ice and also frost, which might call for you to thaw out the ice maker before you deserve to rerelocate it.

Once you’ve gained the correct replacement part, all you need to do is slide it in area and also plug in its electric connector.

Of course, be sure to disattach the machine from its power and also water resources prior to doing any kind of of this to alleviate any kind of threat of injury or damage.

Fridge’s Plastic Parts

The inside of your fridge features many type of plastic components. That has the wall surfaces on all sides and also some of the shelves, racks, and also bins.

More importantly, those plastic components separate the fridge’s inner compartment from all of its various other parts, such as the electrical wiring, as well as the coils and the rest of the cooling system.

How it fails:

Here’s the thing you need to understand around the plastic components inside a fridge: simply choose many type of various other materials, plastic likewise increases and also contracts with temperature alters.

Those fridge components carry out that repetitively throughout the day, especially as soon as the fridge starts to warm up and also then cool down when the compressor switches on.

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As those expansions and contractions happen, you might hear a knocking noise occur for no evident reason. In older fridges, those noises can be louder and more regular. Still, that’s no cause for concern.

Once you’ve ruled out all the other possibilities that might reason knocking noises to come from your fridge, the likelihood is high that the noise comes from these plastic components.

How to fix:

If the knocking noise comes from the plastic parts widening and also contracting, then there’s nothing a lot that demands to be “fixed”. That knocking noise is exceptionally normal and not an indicator of a problem.

However, suppose you still desire to try and minimize it. In that situation, you can location the fridge wbelow the broadening and contracting of those plastic parts are less impacted by exterior temperatures.

For example, you’ll desire to location your fridge in a spot that’s much ameans from any type of straight sunlight. Besides that, it’s likewise best not to area your fridge near the oven, cooktop, or any kind of various other appliances that geneprice warmth.

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Your fridge will still warm up slightly once it immediately defrosts and then cool dvery own once the compressor switches on.

However before, keeping the fridge in a cooler spot would minimize those temperature fluctuations and maybe minimize the knocking noise you save hearing.