Even during north Virginia’s mild winters, a little ice on your warmth pump is normal. However, if your heat pump coils freeze totally or the whole unit becomes encased in ice, your mechanism won’t run well and also the components will certainly be at danger for damages. Understanding why a heat pump freezes up is the initially step toward fixing and preventing the difficulty.

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Insufficient airflow – The temperature of the warmth pump’s refrigerant can fall below freezing. Without adequate aircirculation with the unit, moisture in the air can freeze on the evaporator or condenser coil. To proccasion this, encertain great aircirculation by clearing amethod any kind of leaves, debris or snow drifts that may be blocking the coils. If the coils are dirty, cleaning them may prevent freezing. Cold water – When freezing rain drops on a warm pump, the rain can cause the peak of the unit to freeze and the remainder easily follows. If your warm pump can’t defrost itself after a day or if it defrosts then freezes aobtain, speak to an HVAC experienced for appropriate ice removal. Water dripping from a leaking gutter is likewise a common reason of frozen heat pumps. Check your gutters and make any type of vital repairs.Settling – Many warm pumps stand on a concrete slab. With time, this slab deserve to settle right into the ground. Even an inch or 2 of settling can block the drainage route for ice melt and also impede airflow, resulting in ice buildup. If you suspect this is your difficulty, contact an HVAC technician around having the unit leveled.

At some point, absence of maintenance is a large component of why a warmth pump freezes up. Prevention is frequently just a matter of continuous upsave. Annual warm pump maintenance performed by an HVAC expert have the right to take care of the blockperiods and dirt buildup that are widespread factors in heat pump freezing. A technician can additionally examine for settling and also deal with the worry before it reasons problems.

If you require better helping expertise why a warm pump freezes up, or have any kind of various other HVAC-connected questions, call the experts at Griffith Energy Services. We administer dependable HVAC solutions approximately Chantilly, McLean, Fairfax and also the neighboring location.

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