If your ex only desires sex from you it can be a little challenging to comprehfinish what’s going on in their head.

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On the other hand, you probably have actually hundreds of inquiries running with yours.

Questions like,

Why don’t you desire more?

Why would you only want to sleep through me?

Is tright here anything I can do to make them desire more?

Today I’m going to tackle those elusive questions and hopetotally provide you with some answers on what I’ve viewed functioning with thousands of clients and also combining it with genuine emotional studies.

In other words, I’m going to teach you what to do as soon as your ex only wants sex through you.

My Ex Still Wants Me Sexually

When you discover yourself in this case it’s easy to gain distracted.

Making love to someone is supposed to be the ultimate authorize of trust and love.

Why wouldn’t an ex, someone you’ve shared so a lot with, want more?What execute they gain out of simply having sex?What often tends to happen to world who simply have actually sex with their exes?

These are the the majority of common inquiries that my clients tend to have actually and also this write-up is going to answer them all.

Let’s start via a huge one.


There exists a proverbial line in the sand when it involves sex.

“The line” tells you if the perchild is willing to sleep with you without being in a partnership.

Many human being host true to that line.

In various other words, no issue what they will certainly not have sex with someone unmuch less they are in a connection through that perchild or there is some type of relationship agreement in area.

However before, as soon as that line is crossed.

When you set a new precedent that it’s ok to sleep through you without being in a partnership you’ll uncover that your companion will continually take advantage of it.

Which is why you acquire exes that sleep through their exes and also try to institute a friends with benefits partnership.

I can hear the detractors readying their verbal jabs,

But my ex told me that he can’t commit appropriate now… however he will

My ex said that we are more than friends through benefits

That’s the thing around the brand-new version of friends through benefits.

In almost all the situations I enrespond to the men or woguys aren’t stupid enough to tell you want you actually are.

There’s a particular negative stigma attached to being friends through benefits. Often, I uncover they’ll dangle false assures of relink in front of you yet those guarantees never materialize.


So, allows talk about what we learned this day and additionally check out some of the following measures you can implement.

To recap,

There are typically 5 reasons an ex will certainly just desire to sleep via youYou’re FamiliarYou’re AvailableThey Want ClosureThey Miss The SexIdealization (Peak-End Rule)Friends through benefits commonly await those that sleep through their ex

So, what can you perform if you discover yourself in a situation prefer this?

Quite frankly, I’d recommend that you discover our webwebsite.

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If you’re interested me or one of my team members can personally job-related through you.