I can’t tell you how many kind of times a woman, who clearly desires her ex earlier, freaks out with excitement upon finding out that her ex boyfriend desires to sleep via her,

Chris, he simply told me that he wants to sleep with me… must I do it? I feel choose I desire to do it.

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But must you?

Is there a ideal or wrong answer?

I have actually been doing this for over half a decade and I can tell you without a doubt that tbelow is a right answer on if you must sleep through your ex boyfriend.

But what is it?

Well, that is what this article is all around.

What I would certainly like to do is use every one of my data and endure to aid you make an informed decision on if you have to also consider sleeping via your ex.

Of course, if you have never before met me before then you are more than likely sitting there and wondering,

Why have to I even listen to you?


Now, I don’t desire to scare you yet this is more than likely the a lot of prevalent outcome that I watch happen from womales that are having actually sex through an ex.

You view, the just thing greater than “the chase” for men is a regular partner to have sex via.

One thing we already understand about my sorry gender is the reality that guys are a lot even more open to casual sex than woguys.

In truth, I uncover that many exes would certainly prefer it.

But why?

Shouldn’t having actually sex with a partner that you are in a loving committed partnership with be more powerful?

Well, in concept it have to however that concept is a tiny flawed in the truth that it doesn’t take into account guys that are freaked out about commitment.

You view, to a commitment-phobe a loving committed partnership can feel like a prikid.

Friends via benefits is practically wanted in situations like that.

Now, I can hear you saying,

But Chris, my ex isn’t a commitment phobe?

I would certainly actually disagree.

Your ex is a commitment phobe to YOU!

He is your ex and also he is going to look for any excuse to not date you again.

That is what provides acquiring him ago so challenging.

Should You Ever Sleep With Your Ex?

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward,

You need to not sleep through your ex

But what if you already did?

What are you expected to execute then?

Well, I desire you to get one principle with your head.

I cited a research from 1989 above that basically proves that guys are the ultimately horn dogs and also love casual sex.

But that examine itself was flawed.


Well, it asked woguys to randomly go up strangers (that were men) and ask them if they would certainly have sex via them.

70% of the guys sassist yes.

But the mere act of having a woman execute that is an indication to a male that she is “easy.”

Men will have actually sex via “easy” but they won’t value “simple.”

Think of it prefer this.

You don’t truly begin appreciating somepoint until you check out initially hand also how tough it is to attain. In reality, it’s the easy points we take for granted.

Sex is the very same.

If you make a male work for it or for you he is more most likely to value it or you.

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The even more you have the right to get a guy to invest right into you the more he is going to worth you so it’s simply a function of making sure you gain your ex to jump through sufficient hoops to worth you.