At times, your dog licks your legs bereason he craves your attention. They depend on you to love and treatment for them.

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Give your dog the best amount of attention so they are happy. Be cautious not to give too much attention.

Sometimes you need to ignore them so you obtain the message across.

#5: Plenty of exercise

If your dog is bored, spend time playing with them.

Dogs love interaction via their people. Play tug of war. Give him belly scratches. Play frisbee or ‘fetch’.

Give him walks twice a day roughly the community. Trust me, it will certainly do you both great.

Take them to a dog park, if tbelow is one in your location. This is an excellent means to meet various other dogs. Maybe that’s all your dog needs.

If you occupational, take them to a doggie daytreatment. Or have a pet sitter look after them a couple of times a week.

#6: Trick training

Trick training reroutes problem licking.

Here’s just how it works:

When your dog licks your legs, present them to another activity, such as ball play.

Or ssuggest ask your dog to sit and also give them a reward.

You can additionally teach your dog other tricks such as speaking on cue or shaking hands/paws.

These activities will certainly be fun for both of you.

#7: Toys

If your dog is anxious or bored, offer them playthings to chew on. This helps to proccasion inproper licking behaviors.

There are toys that make a sound to carry out them endmuch less fun.

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Some puzzle toys have actually openings that contain a treat. Your dog will learn exactly how to open it to get the treat.