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If you think your cat smells really good…you’re not alone. If you look around the internet for also a couple of minutes you’ll find droves of cat paleas who all agree that their cat smells surprisingly good!

Of course, smelling excellent is relative and while my cat Debbie does smell good she doesn’t smell choose a fresh pot of coffee or cacao chip cookies. Instead, she smells largely neutral yet fresh. And it’s definitely an excellent smell!

I’d intend most people are comparing the smell of cats to dogs and in that situation, cats are the clear winner.

But why perform cats smell good? Cats smell excellent thanks to their habit of constantly grooming so they stay clean and also odor-complimentary. Their one-of-a-kind barbed tongue does a great job cleaning their coat and also this halittle bit has most likely helped their wild ancestor sneak up on prey without being offered ameans by their smell. 

But as constantly, let’s go a small deeper and also learn more around why our cats might smell so good.

Reaboy 1: Cats Spfinish A Lot Of Time Grooming

The many noticeable factor why cats smell so good is because of how a lot time they spend grooming! According to some sources, cats spfinish as much as 5 hours a day grooming! If you spent 5 hours a day grooming I’d suppose you to smell pretty great, too!

But it’s not just time invested that keeps your cat clean and also smelling fresh, cat tongues likewise have a tongue that’s perfect for grooming thanks to a carpet of sharp, hollow spines dubbed papillae. These sharps spines act favor a brush that helps remove chunks of loose hair, dirt and other debris from your cat’s fur.

Think of it favor a integrated wet brush that your cat is pretty much obsessed through using!

Reason 2: Smelling Good Is Important To Your Cat’s Survival

In the wild, cats are uniquely positioned as both predator and prey. So while they’re out searching tiny mammals and also birds they additionally have to be careful not to end up being the prey of a larger predator!

But what does this need to execute via smelling good?

Cats don’t desire to smell also strongly given that it could expect that their scent would certainly be picked up by a predator or their next meal. Unfavor dogs, cats are ambush predators which implies they must have the ability to wait patiently to surpclimb their prey. It likewise indicates that smelling like a dead fish might be a giveaway to an unsuspecting mouse.

If you’ve watched dogs and also cats play via a toy you’ve definitely watched the distinction in between ambush predators and also fill hunters. Think around the classic kitty “butt wiggle” before they pounce! Cats take their time to determine their prey and also perfectly plan their assault. That’s also why it’s so common for kitties to hide about corners or under beds and go for your ankles as soon as you leastern expect it!

But when you throw a round for a dog, they simply go appropriate for it! That’s the difference in between an ambush predator and a fill hunter choose a dog!

If you aren’t already acquainted through the feline pounce (and the linked butt wiggle) check out this video:

Cats additionally have to avoid predators which suggests having actually a solid smell that predators can easily pick up is going to be a trouble. Cats are solo hunters which suggests it’s not important for other cats to determine them by their scent. Compare that dogs which need to prioritize communication through their canine friends over stealth.

But maintaining their coat clean isn’t the only way that cats hide their scent. LiveScience points out that “Wild cats will certainly additionally hide their waste to stop attracting undesirable attention from predators to themselves or their swarm of kittens”

That’s why utilizing a litterbox and hiding their stool comes normally to kittens, even without much training.

Reachild 3: Your Cat’s Diet Can Help Them Smell Good

Most dogs are willing to eat many gross points and also if they aren’t eating them then they’re trying desperately to roll around in them. My childhood dog would certainly seek out dead fish alengthy the coastline and also carry out every little thing she could to try and also roll in it.

Contrasted to that, I’m sure any cat would certainly smell good!

Cats on the other hand are specialized carnivores that do a great job digesting one point really well: meat. So while dogs are doing their best to play garbage disposal your cat is frequently sticking to her diet. And while some foods items can absolutely reason smelly poops or negative coats if you’re feeding your cat a healthy and balanced diet of digestible pet proteins there’s an excellent chance they’ll smell great as a result.

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Reaboy 4: You Might Be A Bit Biased

It’s feasible that the factor your cat smells so excellent is that you’re just a small biased. We all understand that people have actually a scent and also frequently times the scent of someone we love is comforting, reassuring, and calming. Our little furry, feline friends are no different. The smell of their clean coats deserve to be calming and also reassuring and also considering that it’s commonly combined through the scents of our own residence there’s an excellent possibility we think it smells good!

Reaboy 5: Maybe Your Housage Smells Good (And So Your Cat Does, Too)

Cats already carry out an excellent task keeping their coat clean and also free of any type of stinky smells. All that’s left to carry out is include a fragrance and then you’ve obtained a super clean smelling cat! So it’s entirely possible that your cat smells neutral yet once you take into consideration that they’re spending 16 hours a day resting in the softest placest they can uncover (choose your clean sheets) it’s no surpclimb that they finish up smelling choose a summer breeze!

This is specifically true if you have an indoor-just cat. Cats that don’t go exterior are only exposed to the clean scents in your residence. Dogs, on the other hand also, need to go external to usage the restroom a number of times a day exposing them to all kinds of aspects. I understand that my bit chihuahua is so low to the ground that the hair on her belly is constantly collecting all kinds of dirt and also debris.

I deserve to likewise tell you that she certainly isn’t spfinishing 5 hours a day trying to clean it up!


Cats do smell great and also you’re not the only one that thinks that! But it isn’t simply the outcome of dumb luck or a herbal displace to smelling great. Instead, cats are basically functioning a part-time task to store themselves smelling clean and fresh while their permanent job is resting on your fresh laundry. This all comes together to produce a kitty cat that simply ordinary smells good!