If you’re asking, “Why does my cat sleep on my chest?”, possibilities are, your cat has actually literally smothered you through love at some point.

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We all love a little snuggle time via our feline friends, however it have the right to come to be a suffocating suffer if they decide tosleep on your heador body.

How do you sheight your cat from sleeping on you? We’ll answer that a small later…

But initially, let’s turn our attention to why your cat sleeps on your chest.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest?What Could Happen if Your Cat Sleeps on Your Chest for Too Long?How to Change This BehaviorWhy Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest FAQs

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest?

#1 You’re Hot Stuff


Cats sleep an average of 15 hrs a day, via some enjoying up to 20 hours of sleep!

Spending that much time asleep, your cat demands to discover a comfortable sleeping place.

That can differ fromsleeping on her sidein a box or curling as much as sleep on your chest eextremely night.

For all the reasons detailed over, your cat likes to sleep on you because you are the the majority of comfortable point in her civilization.

What Could Happen if Your Cat Sleeps on Your Chest for Too Long?

Allergic Reactions

Roughly 10% of civilization are allergic to pets, with cat allergies being twice as common as dog allergies.

The severity of reactions varies considerably, and symptoms deserve to take everywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hrs to set in.

When your cat sleeps on your chest, she’s in a prime spot to cause a reaction.

And allergens aren’t the only thing you could breathe in, as your about to uncover out…

Breathing In Fur

Unmuch less you have actually a hairless cat breed, your feline frifinish and also all her hair will certainly be inches from your confront.

I don’t know around you but gaining a hair in my mouth is up tright here on my list of most annoying points.

Breathing it in is also less fun, yet via your cat on your chest for any duration, there’s a strong opportunity you’ll inhale some hair.

The last point you desire is to be coughing up furballs!

Cats Have Claws

Newsflash, your cat has aggressive claws, and she isn’t afraid to usage them. However before, she often doesn’t mean to hurt you with them.

In answering the question, “Why does my cat sleep on my chest?” we found that your cat is most likely pretty content laying tright here.

In this content state, your cat might decide to knead your chest as an instinctive authorize of affection.

The difficulties begin as soon as your cat kneads you via her cregulations out, which might leave you covered in scratches.

Lost Sleep

So we establiburned that your cat might be super comfortable resting on your chest. But carry out you feel the exact same way?

If you’re trying to sleep, being pinned in one position via a 10-pound cat on your chest is not going to be comfortable for extremely long.

It’s a recipe for shedding sleep. Every time you begin to relocate or revolve in the night, your cat is going to dig her claws in to host on.

And if you roll onto your cat? We’ll obtain to that in just a moment…

You won’t be able to breathe properly

To breathe efficiently, your chest demands to be unrestricted. Tight apparel or things weighing down on your chest can reason problems.

A completely grown cat resting on your chest will certainly undoubtedly restrict your breapoint.

This could compound existing problems such as asthma.

You Could Squash Your Cat

If you’re an active sleeper and also you roll and also revolve a lot in your sleep, you could perhaps roll onto your cat.

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She more than likely won’t hang about to let you squish her outappropriate, but you might still cause injury.

While unlikely to occur, in the comments ofan write-up, one reader asserted, “My 13-year-old boy cruburned a 6-week old kitten while resting.”