If you wear bras, you recognize the relief that comes via taking one off at the finish of the day. It raises the question… why are we wearing bras that reason us so a lot pain and discomfort, and what can we carry out around it?

If you’re starting to wonder, “why does my bra hurt my ribs?” then today’s blog write-up is for you. You don’t have to endure picking between an underwire bra vs no underwire or start going braless all the moment. I’ll walk you with the many type of reasons you might be enduring from rib pain along the bra line, and my 2 favorite hemp bra layouts that can aid you ditch that rib pain for excellent.

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80% of women don’t wear the best dimension bra, through a shocking 70% wearing a bra that’s also small. There’s a great opportunity you’re a component of that statistic if you’re enduring rib pain from your bra.

A bra that’s too tiny will certainly pinch the skin around your ribs and ago, leading to discomfort throughout the day. If you have actually deep indentations or red marks around your ribcage once you take your bra off, that’s a sign your bra may be too little.


Anvarious other issue may be that you"re clasping your bra too tight. If your bra has clasps, try using the loosest establishing on the bra and also watch if your rib pain goes amethod. Still too tight? You deserve to always purchase a bra extender. These handy bits of towel lengthen your bra band also, which might save you from having actually to relocation all your bras.

One last means the fit of your bra might be affecting your ribs is if the straps are also loose. If your bra straps aren’t tight sufficient, your bra will begin to sit lower on your body throughout the day, and also might pinch that sensitive location listed below your breasts. Check the straps on your bras and also make certain they hold your breasts comfortably, without much press on your shoulders however likewise without letting the cups autumn as well low.


Some woguys have actually more influential rib ceras than others, which renders it even more most likely that you’d suffer from rib cage pain from a bra. This is likewise referred to as a high rib cage, and bereason every woman’s body is various, this could be what’s bring about that rib pain.

How to understand if you have a high rib cage? Press your fingers along the area under your breasts, wright here the band also of your bra generally sits. If you can feel your ribs through extremely little bit press applied, you most most likely have a high rib cage.

If it takes a bit of pressure to feel your ribs, however you’re still enduring from rib pain, you might just have actually sensitive skin or muscle tproblem. And that’s okay! But it might be time to reevaluate what kinds of bras you wear.


We’re lucky to live in a world via a large range of bra choices, yet that doesn’t suppose they’re all equally comfortable for your rib cage. Here are some common bra formats and also deindicators that can be leading to that inwell known rib pain:

All of these bra types have the right to put added anxiety on your rib cage, which deserve to make you feel sore and also tender after wearing them often. So if you wear underwire bras, rigid bras, or shapewear bras routinely, attempt taking a break from those formats to watch if points improve.

Women’s bodies go with many various changes throughout life, and also one of these life stperiods could be the culprit behind your sore ribs. Tright here are three potential bodily alters that might cause some discomfort from your bra to your ribs:

Pregnancy: if you’re pregnant or think you can be, this might be making your breasts (and the rest of your midsection) thrive in size, which will certainly make your bra feel tighter and also much less comfortable. Growth spurt: if you’re still flourishing, you could need to gain your bra dimension checked again. Many kind of women don’t stop flourishing until they’re 18 or 20, so if you’re a young womale it might just be time to size up your bra. Menstruation: simply like when you’re pregnant, your duration creates a change in your hormones that have the right to reason breasts to swell in dimension and also come to be tender. This pain can extfinish to your rib cage, so if it’s that time of the month, take a break from your tighter bras.

As you currently understand, tright here are many kind of potential reasons when it involves why your bra is hurting your ribs. To tackle those problems once and also for all, I recommend complying with these tips to continue to be comfortable and also prevent rib cage pain from your bra:

If you’re experiencing from rib pain from your bras, the first thing you must carry out is double examine your bra dimension. A bra that’s too tiny will certainly not only cause rib pain, but can possibly reduced off circulation, impair your breapoint, and also cause skin irritation. Avoid all that by making sure you’re wearing the right dimension. You deserve to uncover your bra size quickly with a measuring tape.

Make certain you’ve acquired correct form: your straps need to feel firm versus your shoulders but not too tight, however they also shouldn’t let the cups of your bra hang loose or the band also sit too low on your ribs. Double check what clasp you’re using, and also that it’s tight sufficient to feel secure throughout the day however doesn’t cause pain after wearing for a while.

Avoid any bra facet that’s likely to reason bra pain: like underwire, rigid lingerie, and also shapewear. Or as a lot as you can, offer your body a break by alternating what kinds of bras you wear on various days. When it involves the ideal layouts of bras that don’t cause bra pain but still look and also feel great, I’ve gained 2 favorite alternatives in mind...

When it concerns wearing a bralette vs bra, go with a bralette if you suffer from rib pain: they’re comfortable, functional, and won’t hurt your ribs even after a complete day of wear. Plus, the two styles listed below are made from one of the the majority of sustainable fabrics out there: hemp! Keep your breasts secure and cozy via either of these formats, while leaving behind that peskies rib pain as soon as and also for all.

The racerago bralette is designed with a stylish, athletic look that’s perfect for busy days or lounging about the home. With a typical fit in a pullover style, the racerback bralette deserve to be worn while doing chores approximately the house, out to brunch with friends, or on errands around town without resulting in rib pain.

The triangle bralette is designed for everyday wear and pairs well through every little thing in your clocollection. The triangle form makes it appropriate for wearing under low-reduced tops, tanks, and also even more, and also the convertible straps make it a breeze to shift from one style to an additional. The band also has actually clasps to change for size and is nice and also wide to save your ribs comfortable, no matter what you gain approximately throughout the day.

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Rib pain from wearing a bra has almost end up being a rite of passage among those of us who wear bras, but it shouldn’t need to be that way. If your bra hurts your ribs, it’s time to switch things up. Try out the racerearlier bralette or triangle bralette to experience life without all the agonizing rib pain. You’ll love exactly how it feels to go around your day feeling comfortable yet supported!

Do you experience from rib pain due to your bras? Have you tried wearing a racerback or triangle bralette yet? Let me know in the comments.



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