Learning why bearded dragons puff up is a ability that you’ll must build as an owner. This prevalent authorize is supplied for a variety of factors, and it’s not always easy to number out the cause!

To assist speed up your finding out curve, we put together this detailed overview to assist you understand also. When you incorporate this via a tiny suffer, their inflating beard won’t be such an enigma anymore.

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Why Do Bearded Dragons Puff Up?

An skilled bearded dragon owner will tell you that one of the many fascinating (yet common) actions among these reptiles is puffing up.

But if you’re new to maintaining bearded dragons, you could be alequipped the first time you view your pet exhibiting this behavior! In reality, many owners wonder if something is wrong once they watch it happening.

So to make things clear, there’s usually no need for concern as soon as this happens. This behavior doesn’t damage the animal and might be just their method of instinctively helping themselves feel safe as soon as they feel threatened.

You check out, bearded dragons frequently puff up when they’re stressed. Much like a cat fluffs up its tail and arches its ago in the acquainted “Halloween” pose, a bearded dragon puffs up (or seemingly inflates) to show up larger and also threatening in order to fend off predators.

When a bearded dragon attempts to look aggressive, its beard might revolve babsence. Sometimes, yet, the beard won’t rotate black when they puff up. Tbelow are a number of possibilities for this, however one common reason is that they’re actually in a happy state of mind!


If they start to squirm it’s a great idea to provide them a break and also try again later. In time, they have to let up on squirming and also allow you to take care of them more.

For the first month or so, attempt to spfinish at leastern 30 minutes every day through your brand-new lizard (also more if you have the time). Be continuous around spfinishing this quality bonding time through your bearded dragon, and they’ll ultimately come to accept you as a loving owner!

2. They’re Getting Ready to Shed

Your bearded dragon instinctively knows once they’re around to begin shedding some skin. To hasten the procedure, they may puff up to loosen the skin on their neck and also body.

It’s important to note that not eincredibly bearded dragon puffs up when shedding time philosophies. However, if yours does so in a consistent cycle it’s possible that they’re simply anticipating a great burned.

From time to time, store an eye out for dull or waxy skin approximately the head and also take note if they puff this area up a little.

3. They’re Trying To Attract A Mate

Although both male and female bearded dragons might puff up to the opposite sex, it’s even more commonly the male who display screens this behavior to lure the female and also let her recognize he’s ready to mate.

By puffing up, the male likewise shows the female that he’s leading and is making his intentions extremely clear. Some females may puff up towards males; others will simply respond by bobbing their heads or waving their arms.

Unlike many various other pet species, bearded dragons don’t experience a mating season in the time of a certain time of the year. Instead, they’re ready to mate about a month after brumation, a duration of low activity and also sleep in the time of the cold or rainy periods that’s similar to hibercountry.

If your bearded dragon puffs up about another beardie of the oppowebsite sex, the actions is most likely mating connected. Don’t be surprised if they even inflate to impress a toy that is bring about them a bit of mating confusion!

4. It’s Territorial Behavior

By nature, these reptiles are territorial and frequently don’t choose to share their room through various other beardies of the very same sex or dimension.

For instance, 2 males or two females might puff as much as difficulty the other same-sexed bearded dragon. A male may also puff as much as obstacle a female, and also a bigger bearded dragon might puff as much as challenge a smaller sized bearded dragon, no issue what sex it is.

This is why it’s ideal to offer each bearded dragon a sepaprice tank. However before, if they should share an enclosure, make certain the tank is big enough to give each pet adequate area to feel comfortable.

Expert Tip: No issue what, it’s never a good idea for males to share a cage. This is pretty much guaranteed to fail no matter how bit the enclocertain is.

5. Their Bath Water Is Too Deep

Some inskilled owners think that they need to only provide their beardie a bath if they’re influenced or are having actually troubles shedding. However before, bathing is somepoint that you’ll be doing regularly!

When giving these reptiles a bath, make certain the water isn’t above their shoulders. If the water is as well deep, your bearded dragon will certainly reflexively puff up in an effort to float. Bearded dragons have an instinctive are afraid of drowning (we don’t blame them).

6. They’re Hungry

Although tbelow hasn’t been the majority of research carried out on bearded dragons puffing up in the time of or after a meal, there are a pair theories as to why tbelow could be a link.

The first is that by puffing up the bearded dragon makes even more room in its stomach so it can eat more food. Remember, wild bearded dragons need to fight for their food, which may occasionally be challenging to uncover. As such, they must eat enough to organize them over to the following meal.

If you view a correlation in between puffing up and mealtime, carry out them with a smaller portion for the following meal and observe whether or not they puff up. After you’ve had a possibility to watch if this provides a distinction, feed the rest of their constant portion a few minutes later on.

Another theory is that bereason bearded dragons play the functions of both predator and also prey, they puff up to scare their prey, and also to show up larger and more threatening to a predator that might difficulty them for food. In bondage, this habits is even more prevalent once bearded dragons eat live food, such as crickets.

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7. They’re Excited Or Feeling Playful

If nothing appears to be wrong and you can’t determine your bearded dragon’s reason for puffing up, it may be that they’re just happy!

This habits might take place as soon as your bearded dragon is taking component in a favorite activity, such as playtime or mealtime. They’re simply mirroring off to let you know that they’re comfortable and they desire to expush their love toward you, the pet parent!

Now You Know

When a bearded dragon has actually puffed up their beard, it’s trying to tell you something. And it’s your project as the owner to figure out what that is!

As you can see, finding out the factor is not as tricky as it seems. If you use this write-up as a resource and also look at the circumstances, the answer is typically fairly basic.

And once you gain more endure under your belt, you’ll speak needing this guide altogether. With time you’ll have the ability to understand the behavior of your beardie without any external help!