Anybody who owns a Bearded Dragons will certainly have noticed that they regularly keep their mouths open for lengthy durations of time.

As a Bearded Dragon owner and also enthusiast myself, I have done some considerable research into this behaviour and uncovered the 9 factors why this happens.

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So why execute Bearded Dragons keep their mouths open? The a lot of widespread factor why Bearded Dragons open their mouths to regulate their body temperature. They carry out not sweat and also opening their mouth as soon as they reach their appropriate temperature stops them from acquiring any type of hotter. It is a lot of widespread to watch them opening their mouth once basking.

Read on to take an detailed look at the 9 reasons why your Bearded Dragon could be keeping its mouth open and find out how you have the right to stop this behaviour from happening.

1# Keeping Their Mouth Open to Regulate Temperature

Bearded Dragons are exceptionally clever reptiles and they have the right to screen some amazing behaviours to assist them conquer all sorts of instances.

One of the behaviours that they frequently display is opening their mouth for lengthy durations of time which is also well-known as “gaping”.

This helps them to regulate their body temperature and also speak them from gaining any kind of warmer as soon as they obtain their optimal temperature. This have the right to be backed up by the that also say this is a common factor why Bearded Dragons store their mouths open.

If you view your Bearded Dragon sitting under its basking bulb and “gaping” tright here is generally nothing to worry around.

This is perfectly normal for your Dragon to do this as they can’t sweat to keep their temperature at the optimal level so this is basically another method of regulating that temperature.

Making Sure The Tank Temperature Is Correct

Even though we have established that in most situations “gaping” is perfectly normal behaviour you still have to make sure that you are giving the correct temperature for your Bearded Dragon.

If their tank is too warm then this will make it difficult for them to control their temperature and you will certainly likewise must carry out a cool location that allows them to cool down once they have actually reached their optimal temperature.

If you want to recognize more about providing your Bearded Dragon with the correct temperature then take a look my ultimate Bearded Dragon temperature guide

Here is a overview to what temperatures you need to be giving for your Bearded Dragon at the various eras of its life.

Please Note: This chart need to be offered as a overview just. You must always consult your vet.

Bearded Dragon Tank Temperature Guide

Bearded Dragon Temperature Guide
Basking Area 95°-100°F
Cool Spot 75°-80°F
Night 70°-75°F

2# Provide Both Basking Area & Cool Spot

We have actually already touched on this briefly but you likewise need to carry out a cool area to assist your Dragon control their temperature, this is simply as essential as the basking area.

If your temperatures are wrong then your Dragon could be gaping because of not having the deluxe of leaving the basking temperature for a cooler location as soon as it demands to.

If you desire to recognize the lighting devices I recommend for your Bearded Dragon then take a look ideal here, wbelow I share all my favourite tools and also the best areas to obtain it from.

Checking the chart above and making certain that your Dragons tank has temperatures that are close to these in both the basking area and also cool spot will certainly allow you to have the item of mind that they have the appropriate environment they need to be happy and also healthy.


Other Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Keep Their Mouths Open

Although regulating body temperature is the primary factor why a Bearded Dragon keeps its mouth open, tbelow are also many other factors and also cases wbelow you can view your Bearded Dragon screen this behaviour.

Let’s take a look at these instances and also if they are unhealthy and balanced to your Dragon.

3# Keeping Mouth Open Due to Beard Stretching

Some Bearded Dragons will certainly open up their mouth to stretch their beard. This behaviour is widespread as soon as they are cshed to shedding their skin.

They could also puff up their beard in even more attempts to loosen the skin roughly their beard and head.

This is perfectly normal behaviour and just helps the shedding procedure.

Beard extending doesn’t always happen before shedding, periodically they feel like stretching the beard is somepoint they simply need to carry out.

4# Keeping Mouth Open Due to Aggression

Bearded Dragons are generally placid reptiles but if they execute acquire aggressive for some factor It’s prevalent that they will certainly open their mouth as part of that aggressive display.

Tbelow will certainly normally be some various other behaviours that your Bearded Dragon will present if they are acting aggressively.

Look out for things like:

Rapid head bobbingPuffed up beardBlack beardHissingTall stance

Your Dragon could not display all of these behaviours yet if they are opening their mouth aggressively then it would be unexplained if they didn’t display screen at leastern one of these.

Providing your Dragon through a habitat with many hiding locations deserve to limit aggression as most of the time they screen this behaviour when they feel intimidated. 

Here’s a great article wbelow I list all the items you need to develop a good habitat for your Dragon so they can feel both happy and safe.

Let’s look at the situations wright here Bearded Dragons have the right to feel prefer they must act aggressively.

5# Keeping Mouth Open Due to Another Bearded Dragon

If you have actually two or even more Bearded Dragons in the exact same tank then it can reason a lot of troubles.

Bearded Dragons favor to be alone and sharing their living space via another Dragon frequently outcomes in a quest for power.

One of the Dragons will certainly typically attempt and also end up being leading over the various other one and opening the mouth in an aggressive way to present exactly how expect and difficult they are is common.

If you have two Bearded Dragons hosupplied together and also you view this happening then you really should break-up them up as soon as feasible.

The much less dominant one have the right to end up getting exceptionally stressed, shedding their appetite and also not being enabled to bask by the more dominant Dragon.

Sometimes you could even need to split them up into various rooms bereason if they have the right to still view each various other then the fight for prominence can lug on.

As a very last resort, if you sindicate don’t have area for 2 tanks in your house or you can’t perform it for some other reason then you will certainly just have actually no other alternative but to give among the Bearded Dragons away.

This might seem cruel but it’s actually the kindest thing to do because keeping 2 dragons in the exact same tank as soon as one is dominant is exceptionally harmful to the other one’s wellness.

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Here’s a short article that describes whatever you have to understand about housing more than one Bearded Dragon in the same tank.