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Blizzard has simply announced and posted a FAQ about its upcoming function BattleTag, a attribute sepaprice from Real ID that connects players across every one of Blizzard"s games through a display screen name rather than your own complete name. BattleTags seems to be Blizzard"s response to the community"s privacy worries via Real ID, in which many players desire to make brand-new relationships via world they fulfill in game but are not willing to share so much personal information. BattleTag will ultimately have actually access to every one of the grouping and queuing attributes that Real ID customers presently have accessibility to.Not only will certainly your BattleTag be your identifier across Blizzard games, however it will certainly additionally be offered as your forum handle on the community websites. These handles are not distinct, so you could perhaps have the very same name as someone else, yet you"ll have an identification number that appears after your name in your profile so that world have the right to uncover you and also sfinish you messperiods. BattleTags do not interrupt your Real ID friends or any type of other feature. Aobtain, BattleTags are optional, and you are still able to article on the forums using your World of Warcraft personalities or StarCraft II account. BattleTags are rolling out shortly in the Diablo III beta and will be available for everyone at a later date.Personally, this is specifically what I wanted from Real ID, currently pared dvery own to a controlled, personal screen name. My actual friends have the right to remain on my Real ID list, and my virtual friends, guildmates, and other world deserve to use my BattleTag. This new function is a great response to players" concerns, and also I cannot wait to attempt it. Hit the jump for the full FAQ and learn all around BattleTags.

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BattleTag FAQ
What is a BattleTag?A BattleTag is a combined, player-preferred nickname that will certainly recognize you across all of – in Blizzard Entertainment games, on our websites, and also in our neighborhood forums. Similar to Real ID, BattleTags will give players on a new means to discover and also chat with friends they"ve met in-game, develop friendships, form teams, and continue to be connected throughout multiple Blizzard Entertainment games. BattleTags will certainly also provide a brand-new choice for displaying public prodocuments. When will certainly BattleTags go live?We will certainly shortly begin limited experimentation of some features and usability of BattleTags in the Diablo III beta test, and the feature will certainly be obtainable to Diablo III players at launch. BattleTags will be included into various other Blizzard games and also solutions such as World of Warcraft and StarCraft II at some allude later on, however we do not have exact rollout plans to share just yet. Will my BattleTag be unique?A player"s BattleTag is not unique, so you won"t must issue around whether your wanted name is accessible. You have the right to use any kind of name you wish, as lengthy as it adheres to the BattleTag Naming Policy. Only one BattleTag deserve to be associated with each account. If my BattleTag isn"t distinctive, what renders me uniquely identifiable? How will I understand I"m adding the right frifinish to my friends list?Each BattleTag is immediately assigned a 4-digit BattleTag code, which combines via your favored name to develop a unique identifier (e.g. AwesomeGnome#3592). Your BattleTag and code are viewable once you log in to the website and within the Diablo III beta customer, and also can be common via various other players that desire to send you a friend repursuit manually. You will likewise have the ability to send BattleTag frifinish requests list within the conmessage of a game (by clicking a person"s BattleTag when he or she sends out you a message, for example) without learning their BattleTag code. In either situation, each player should mutually agree to come to be BattleTag friends. I"m not in the Diablo III beta – have the right to I choose a BattleTag now anyway?Sure! You can pick your BattleTag currently via Account Management, regardmuch less of whether you"re participating in the Diablo III beta test. Ssuggest visit the BattleTag development web page ( to obtain started. Make sure to pick a handle you will certainly be happy via in the lengthy term and also that abides by our BattleTag Naming Policy, as you will certainly be unable to adjust your BattleTag once you"ve schosen it. We plan to provide a method for players to readjust their BattleTags later on, however we don"t have any even more details to share just yet. Where will my BattleTag be seen?Throughout the Diablo III beta test, your BattleTag will be checked out in the Diablo III client (on friends lists and in chat), on the Diablo III forums, and also in Account Management. In the future, intend it to be presented in various other Blizzard games like StarCraft II and also World of Warcraft on friends lists, in chat, or when making write-ups on their linked forums. We"ll have actually even more details on just how and also wbelow your BattleTag will be shown later. When will World of Warcraft and StarCraft II assistance BattleTags?Our arrangement is for all present and also future Blizzard games to support BattleTags inevitably. However, we don"t have any kind of announcements to make concerning when BattleTags will be integrated into World of Warcraft or StarCraft II at this time. Do I should pick my BattleTag now?You will only be forced to produce a BattleTag now if you"d like to log in to the Diablo III beta customer (start through an upcoming patch) or to use a Diablo III-related identification on the Diablo III forums. You will still have the ability to post on these forums utilizing a World of Warcraft or StarCraft II character name if you wish. Will I still be able to display screen my character on my profile or Armory page?Armory prodocuments will be unimpacted by the introduction of BattleTags. We"ll have actually even more information on how BattleTags will certainly be included right into existing games later on. How will this influence World of Warcraft?BattleTags will include a new way for you to make friendships and communicate in World of Warcraft. For instance, you"ll have the ability to create cross-game, cross-realm friendships through your BattleTag, equivalent to the method Real ID works now. We"ll have actually even more details to share closer to the feature"s launch. Will this affect my existing Real ID friendships?No. Your Real ID friendships will continue to exist, and all of the functions and benefits of Real ID will certainly remain obtainable to you. BattleTags will sindicate provide players another method to connect and interact throughout Blizzard games. For example, if 2 players aren"t Real ID friends however desire to stay in touch across, they"ll be able to establish a BattleTag-based friendship; later, BattleTag friends will have accessibility to many kind of of the communication benefits (such as cross-game chat) presently accessible to Real ID friends. Do BattleTags rearea Real ID? Can I create brand-new Real ID friendships?BattleTags are a new function sepaprice from Real ID. Real ID will continue to job-related as it always has, and also you can proceed to develop Real ID friendships with civilization you know in genuine life. Will this influence my World of Warcraft or StarCraft II character names in any way?Your World of Warcraft character names will continue to exist and also occupational as they presently carry out. We"re still in the process of determining exactly how we will certainly handle StarCraft II character names when BattleTags are integrated right into the game.

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How does my BattleTag job-related in the Diablo III beta?Only some BattleTag features will be obtainable throughout the Diablo III beta test. At initially, players will be able to add friends to their friends list using their BattleTags, though new or different attributes may be easily accessible at various times in the time of the testing process. We"ll have even more indevelopment on every one of the functions of BattleTags in Diablo III with the launch of the game next year.