A few of the many amazing concerns we hear from motorists around their automobile have to carry out via the odd smells they suffer in their vehicles. From burning plastic to sour milk or rotten eggs, there’s no finish to the smells we hear around. If you’re smelling somepoint odd or downappropriate stinky in your Mazda car, then being concerned is extremely understandable. Though many type of smells are harmmuch less, some are worthy of examination, consisting of a vinegar smell in your vehicle. If you’re asking yourself “Why does my vehicle A/C smell favor vinegar?”, or if you’ve just notification a pungent sour smell in your car in general, then this piece is for you!

So, what need to you carry out if your automobile smells prefer vinegar? We’re happy to carry out tips for exactly how to remove vinegar smell in a car A/C mechanism or in general! Don’t be shy around contacting us if you have actually any kind of various other inquiries about lingering automobile odors!


More regularly than not, a vinegar smell shows up as soon as you are making use of your vehicle’s air conditioning. You might not realize it, but attempt trial and error it for yourself. Go a small while without utilizing the air conditioning if you can, and also see if the smell goes amethod. Then, revolve the air conditioning earlier on to watch if it retransforms. Car air vents are perhaps the a lot of common factor for vinegar smell in cars. Even if you think the smell is coming from in other places, it’s possible that it’s your vehicle air conditioner that really smells like vinegar.

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Of course, that sour and also acidic smell coming from your A/C isn’t actual vinegar, choose the kind you buy at the keep, yet the cause have the right to be something comparable. Possible causes of a vinegar smell in your A/C include:

A accumulation of leaves or other herbal material.Mold in your air vents.A cabin air filter that requirements replacement.

Schedule Service to Get Rid of Vinegar Smell in Your Car

Car odors have the right to be challenging to diagnose without making a appropriate inspection, so if you’re trying to figure out why your vehicle smells like vinegar, let us aid.

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Schedule an appointment through our company team at Holiday and we would be happy to aid you in finding and also resolving the problem. Remember that although odd vehicle smells are oftentimes harmmuch less, you should constantly look right into them for the sake of your security and also health.