Several of my users ran right into an worry wbelow they couldn"t fetch the location making use of Location Service.In the screenshots they sent out me, i noticed that the battery level was really low, prefer 2-5%.My question is, does iOS sheight the location service as soon as the device is running out of battery?



Enabling Low Power Mode (the one that transforms the battery icon yellow) does several things to minimize the battery intake of your gadget. This most likely contains the accuracy and also refresh price of the GPS.

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If you"re requesting a area with a high level of accuracy, the device could either take as well long and also timeout or simply decide not to satisfy that request since the hit on the battery would certainly be too much.


does iOS soptimal the location company as soon as the device is running out of battery

It definitely might. The GPS is just one of the highest power draws of all the sensors. Turning it off would certainly make a lot feeling. See also Apple"s own statements around low power mode:

Note that if this is the instance, it would hardly be an concern via your app. Your app can use a lot of battery, which could be a problem; yet if location services itself is influenced, all map/navigating apps would be influenced.


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