However before, the costume selections are still among the coolest methods. While as a symbol of the previous 75 years are the duration costumes, comic-book personas are an inspiration to the characters’ ensembles also.

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Not just the show offers a modern update to Jughead’s iconic crvery own, however we can alert the character wears sports shirts that have actually the letter “S” on them.

It is evident that this also takes inspiration from the comics, wright here Jughead commonly wears a sweater via an “S”. But we are still wondering what is the interpretation behind that letter?

Apparently, it shows up to be one of Archie Comics’ greatest mysteries. There were multiple guesses and also jokes about the surprise interpretation behind the “S” choose “starving” or “sandwich”. However, we still haven’t found out the real and main answer.

Still, there is one time we gained close to it as soon as Jughead’s family was about to move amethod from Riverdale and he chose to let Archie in on the key. And prior to he revealed him the truth, the father of Jughead dad knocked on the door and said to him that after all, they’re not moving.

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Even though Archie Comics has never revealed the interpretation, Bob Montana, the widow of Archie comic strips’ creator has. Apparently, it represents the location in the town Riverdale is based upon, Skunk Hill in Haverhill, MA. That is the place wbelow Montana flourished up and that he turned right into Squirrel Hill, according to Peg Bertholet.

Bertholet ongoing that Montana’s elementary school mascot was the Tigers. Actually, the “S” on “Jughead’s shirts stands for ‘Squirrel Hill Independent Tigers’ and you couldn’t abbreviate it any kind of other way.”

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