Jefcomplimentary Star promised to be an open up book in his brand-new YouTube docuseries The Beautiful World of Jefcomplimentary Star and also, boy, did he intend it. The YouTuber and makeup experienced collaborated through Shane Dawboy on the highly anticipated nine-episode series, and he's not afrassist to spill the tea, display a brand-new vulnerable side, or talk about the plastic surgery that he acquired.

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Jefcomplimentary Star's forehead surgery was discussed on the initially episode of his present, which premiered on Oct. 1. Here's what he said around what famed character the surgical treatment made him feel favor, and why he's being so open up around the job-related he's had actually done.

Jeftotally free got on the topic of his 2016 forehead surgery when he and Shane — that produced the series — were headed to an event with even more than 25,000 human being set to attfinish. Shane started to feel insecure as soon as thinking about exactly how the guests could judge him, and also the makeup mogul poked fun at himself to make Shane feel better.


Shane opened up about feeling intimidated by Jeffree's makeup civilization and feeling down about his body photo.

“I’m actually extremely, exceptionally scared. The people of beauty is somepoint that offers me stress and anxiety because it’s exceptionally much look-oriented, and I am exceptionally much 'don't look at me' oriented. I’m scared that people are going to think, ‘Oh, Shane’s ugly. Shane’s fat. Shane’s whatever.’ I am so fat right now. I have not operated out in months,” Shane shelp.

Jeffree responded around how he's showcased his plastic surgical treatment procedures on his channel, and also that his fans therefore wouldn't possibly judge Shane for anypoint. 

“I’m Frankenstein, so you’re great. You can’t feel insecure. These people have watched my mouth sliced open up, they’ve checked out my forehead lowered," Jeftotally free said. "They’ve watched me at my worst and ugliest, and also they just love us for us. I don’t think anyone’s tbelow to judge you at all.”


The pair then went on to attend the event together, and Shane acquired previous his insecurities as soon as he realized that Jeffree's fans were exceptionally supportive. The forehead surgical treatment confused some viewers of the show, though, via them wondering specifically what it entailed.

Jeftotally free initially opened up up about the surgery shortly after he had actually it in 2016 bereason he wanted to be open up with fans around his life. The YouTuber provided that the surgical treatment was to deal with his hairline, which he shelp had been receding because he was in at an early stage high college.  

“Basically I’ve hated my hairline because I remained in nine grade," Jeftotally free wrote on Instagram once he had the surgical treatment. "My parental fees have negative hair genes and also it carries over! And I additionally shave actually my eyebrows off to draw them on, which provides it look worse when I have no makeup on!"

Jefcost-free went on to write about how the hair that was put on his head is entirely irreversible, and just how a lot of a relief it was to solve among his biggest insecurities.

Hey guys! I wanted to share what has been going on! I hate keeping keys from you yet I've been filming my entirety surgery and the healing process so I've been laying low! 😌 Basically I've hated my hair line because I remained in 9th grade. My paleas have negative hair genes and also it carries over! And I additionally shave my eyebrows off to draw them on, which provides it look worse when I have no makeup on! So after comprehensive research, I found THE best hair transplant surgeon: Dr. Ziering. He's (
caitlynjenner's brand-new remarkable hair line! To have the ability to solve somepoint that has actually bothered me for so lengthy is a blessing because I never dreamed of it ever changing! The video above shows the incision in the earlier of my head, where they take all the donors to harvest. This hair is genetically programmed not to fall out. These hairs are long-term. The medical professional and his team dissect whatever under a microscope and to make each hair follicle specific, so it flows with my new hairline. They then made over 3,000 tiny incisions wbelow the hair gets placed and BAM... After 7 hrs I have a new hair line! 😁😌 it will take a couple of months to completely heal and I'm so excited to see it all come together! I will certainly be putting up a video soon, wbelow I display the whole process from being in the operating room, to healing weeks later! 💗 I think if you live your life in the public eye, it's OK to let civilization behind the curtain and also experience these types of things together, not simply bereason it's educational, yet because I feel prefer we have such a strong bond, I love taking you males on the journey with me! I've pre-filmed a few videos, so acquire ready to see my Hawaii VLOG this week and my Q&A with Nathan! 🌸 Love y'all and also have actually an exceptional weekend!

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Jeffree's surgeon did the exact same procedure on Caitlyn Jenner years back, making Jeffree feel comfortable around the likelihood of it looking organic. The makeup expert has actually since spoken out about being thrilled with the procedure, and through subsequent instances of plastic surgical treatment.

Catch more of Jeffree's candid confessions on his series, Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.

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The first episode is obtainable to stream on YouTube, and is also below.

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