hi i wonder if anyone have the right to aid, i am defo not pregnant i had actually my fourth baby 11mths ago yet have been feeling stselection sensations in my stomach... prefer a baby relocating favor i sassist this isnt feasible that im pregnant so what might it be? i dont think its trapped wind has actually anyone else had actually this? x

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Yes I have actually this at the moment and I am definetely not pregnant so I"ll be watching this thread through some interest till someone have the right to come up via an answer.

Im so glad i"ve watched this! I have actually it too! I understand i"m not pregnant yet have taken about 20 pregnancy tests simply to make sure! It"s so starray
Namong my friends have any type of ideas-it"s ideal at the height of my belly.......hope someone has some idea what it might be x


OMG, i have this as well. Its so stselection as its just prefer a baby moving... What the hell is it??? So gald this write-up has actually come up and also stselection that a few of us have actually it.XXXX
mee too! i wondered if it was as a result of having actually a baby, choose the womb hadnt acquired ago to normal size? a few of you that have actually responded have additionally had actually babies recently? i likewise gain very uncomfortable laying on my side, like a baby digging its feet under my ribs, i have aconstantly slept on my side and currently can never before obtain comfy, i put it dvery own to having twins and everythig being extended to half the dimension, hope it goes away quickly, but sorry don"t recognize what the factor is either!
yep i"ve had it too yet think its simply wind cos a wee while later on after a trump it disapears *sorry 4 the TMI *
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i had this not long back..had actually all the pregnancy symptoms and also strangely sufficient im not pregnant..3 pregnancy tests later this was shown lol..really stselection..i had actually sore boobs, stomach cramps (prefer what you obtain in beforehand stages), fluttery sensations, activities, feeling sick, weight gain
its really weird..its dubbed phantom pregnancy girls..google it
thats what i done hope this helps.. xx
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feeling motion in my stomach like a baby kicking please help!!! so worried

Hi,I likewise have actually this, my DD is 2 and also I"ve had it for around 6 months, feels prefer fluttering and also kicking...:hmmm: I"m deff not pregnant either, and was going to carry it up with my doc next time I go, hopetotally someone has an answer!
My DS is 2.5 years old now & I STILL obtain this feeling! It"s so bizarre but it literally feels prefer a baby turning round in my tummy. It freaks me out & provides me feel rather qusimple.So glad it"s not simply me though! I"ve never before told anyone around it in situation they believed I was a little bit of a fruit loop!!!

Hello there was a thcheck out about this not so long earlier, I think if i rememeber rightly it appears to be many of the womales complaining of this had had actually an implant and this was among the side results xx
I gain this also and think it is just wind / digestive process!! I think as soon as you have been pregnant and also had that sensation of a baby moving, you are even more conscious of it.
Is tbelow any kind of opportunity any of you are on the implanon implant? I get it too as its really common while having among these. It works in a means on some level of tricking your body right into thinking youre currently pregnant to speak you ovulating and also a side impact is that because your body believes it is pregnant it produces some of the symptoms.7 years since I first had this occur and also i STILL occasionally have to buy a test . . . simply in instance lol

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i have had the implant in the past however that was about 4 yrs back, though i still get it from time to time and also my youngest is 2yrs old and hubby has had the snip so can"t be pregnant i really think its wind realted aswell