Why Harley Quinn Calls Joker Puddin' One of Harley Quinn"s terms of endearment for the Joker has actually stuck with fans for years: puddin". But is there an beginning to it? Let"s take a look.

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Harley Quinn Puddin
Harley Quinn’s partnership with the Joker is much from ideal, but they have actually come to be one of the ideal known villainous couples in pop society. Harley devoted her life to Mr. J for years, and one of her terms of endearment for him, “puddin’”, has stuck with fans – however is tbelow an origin to it? Unchoose her problematic companion and other personalities from Batman’s cosmos, Harley Quinn didn’t make her debut in the comics, rather showing up for the initially time in Batman: The Animated Series, specifically in the episode “Joker’s Favor”.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum who ended up being fascinated via a specific inmate: the Joker. In order to escape from Arkham, the Joker seduced her, bring about her to loss madly in love through him and also aid him escape – multiple times. Harley ended up being his sidekick and spent an excellent component of her life being entirely oblivious to his psychotic nature and lack of affection for her. Harley Quinn went on to show up in various other media, the majority of recently in DC’s Suicide Squad and the upcoming Birds of Prey, played by Marobtained Robbie in both. The Suicide Squad version retained many type of of her personality traits as well as her devotion to the Joker, whom she kept referred to as “puddin’”.

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Harley affectionately calling the Joker “puddin’” has end up being among her trademarks, and has actually also been mocked in-universe a pair of times, as the Joker is not really into it. Still, Harley has gone as much regarding spanning herself in pudding or wearing a choker that literally says “puddin’”, depending upon the version you watch. So, is there a factor behind her calling the Joker that?

Why Harley Quinn Calls Joker Puddin’

Joker and also Harley Quinn Batman Animated Series
A prevalent misconception is that Harley calls the Joker “puddin’” because, when he was in Arkham and also she was his psychiatrist, the initially point he provided her was a cup of pudding. However, neither the animated series or the graphic novel The Batguy Adventures: Mad Love, which recounted the character’s beginning, showed such thing. Tright here isn’t an “origin” or explacountry regarding why Harley made a decision “puddin’” as a term of endearment for “Mistah J”, however she didn’t waste much time to call him that, as she did it ideal after letting all inmates escape from Arkham and presenting herself to the Joker in full Harley Quinn outfit. Maybe she just felt choose calling him that.

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The partnership between the Joker and also Harley has actually constantly been toxic, as he continuously took benefit of her blind loyalty and also love, and also never before actually loved her back. This characterization has remained consistent through the majority of of her appearances and adaptations to other media, however that’s supposed to adjust in Birds of Prey, which will function a Harley Quinn who has actually left the Joker and also is prepared reinvent herself (whatever before that suggests for her). It’s yet to be seen if she will certainly cover those “puddin’” tattoos she has or if she will certainly learn to live with them.

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