Why Is Trunks' Hair Blue? (& 9 Other Questions About Him, Answered) Trunks is just one of the many mysterious characters in Dragon Ball– future or otherwise– and his blue haired rerevolve in Super only elevated even more questions.

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Trunks Dragon Ball
Besides Goku and Vegeta, there are a pair of personalities that have had actually a vast say in the way various storylines have panned out Dragon Ball Z and also in Dragon Ball Super. Of course, Gohan and also Piccolo are two, however Trunks takes the cake here, particularly the one coming from the future.

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Future Trunks has been the source of some remarkable activity in the anime and it"s not a surprise that over the years he has actually come to be a fan favorite. Being a central character in among the ideal anime of all time, it"s just intended for fans to have some questions about him, and right here are some curious ones answered.

When Trunks was born, he was a very mischievous son and also during his childhood, he loved to disrespect everyone, until they did something to make him respect them. This is a trait he gets from his father and possibly also Bulma who loves to shout at civilization. Additionally, Trunks generally acts a little bit selfish, cocky, and also outspoken and that aobtain originates from his father, Vegeta. Trunks will offer everything for his family members, though, simply favor all the Dragon Ball warriors.

9 Why Are Future Trunks & Kid Trunks So Different?

Trunks Dragon Ball
As pointed out above, Trunks, as a boy, was very disrespectful. He chosen being a really well-off boy and also would generally act choose a bully but that is something that cannot be said around Future Trunks, that comes across as one of the best-behaved characters in the anime. He is caring, loving, and also respects his seniors. Future Trunks is not necessarily the future of Kid Trunks, instead, they are both from various timelines, which indicates both Future Trunks and Kid Trunks have actually resided in 2 entirely various human beings and hence have various characters.

Vegeta's Great Ape form in Dragon Ball Z
When Trunks was a son, he was fascinated by his father"s strength and also he had actually astronomical respect for him, which has ongoing to thrive over the years. The History of Trunks features a scene that says Bulma has preserved some details about Vegeta"s past to herself.

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Imagine Trunks discovering that the father he idolized was a monster once he first came down on Planet and also wanted to kill every human? It"s better that he does not know the fact.

7 What"s Trunks" Relationship History?

There isn"t much emphasis on Trunks" personal life in Dragon Ball Z however in Dragon Ball Super, he is presented to be in a relationship via a future version of Mai. She is the very same girl that shows up as a son in the anime and also Kid Trunks seems to have actually a crush on her. She was introduced as part of the Pilaf gang and also as soon as Future Trunks met her, she was awestruck.

Vegeta"s cocky nature is nothing brand-new. He claims he does not treatment around anypoint and calls it Saiyan pride when in truth it is just for present. When Trunks was born, he couldn"t treatment much less that he was his son; so a lot so that baby Trunks didn"t also recognize him as his dad. But after watching Future Trunks die, somepoint taken place to Vegeta and he started taking an active interemainder in his son"s life as it constantly should have been.

5 When Did Kid Trunks First Turn Super Saiyan?

Goku and also Vegeta had to earn the possibility to transform right into a Super Saiyan the tough method but for Trunks, it appeared favor nothing. Salso years after defeating Cell, Vegeta was training with Trunks inside the Gravity Room and also because he had trained since he learned just how to walk, Trunks was able to rotate Super Saiyan, in front of his dad, at the age of 8. He was likewise able to land a solid blow on his father, earning him a present.

Goten is younger than Trunks, however they share a brilliant bond. Their bond has only come to be deeper in Dragon Ball Super as they seem to share virtually every little thing, from selecting presents to training together.

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With Goten, Trunks is at his mischievous best and also they are absolutely adorable together. They are additionally extremely strong.

3 When Was Gotenks Born?

Fusions are some of the ideal points in the Dragon Ball Universe and also Gotenks is an absolute fan favorite. Trunks & Goten"s fusion develop is outspoken, solid, and also sometimes hilarious. They learned about the fusion dance when Majin Buu was roughly and also tright here was no one on Earth to conserve the planet. Goku taught them how to usage and while the first couple of attempts were very uneffective, Gotenks came very cshed to beating Evil Buu on his very own.

Trunks, as a son, didn"t respect Goku at all, and among the factors for that was the way Vegeta provided to talk around Goku in front of him. Trunks" hate for Goku thrived when Vegeta passed away trying to kill Majin Buu as he blamed Goku for not saving his father. But when Trunks saw Goku channel Super Saiyan 3, he was left bamboozled and it appeared his respect for Goku started prospering. Trunks finally interpreted the sacrifices Goku and Vegeta make in order to protect their loved ones.

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1 Why Is Trunks" Hair Blue In Dragon Ball Super?

There is some confusion regarding why Future Trunks" hair is blue in Dragon Ball Super and not purple like in Dragon Ball Z. In the manga, Bulma and also Trunks both have actually purple hair. For the anime adaptation, Bulma"s hair was made blue while Trunks" was retained purple. By the time of Battle of Gods, Akira Toriyama had started coloring both Trunks & Bulma through blue hair– not purple. While Toei kept child Trunks" hair purple, Future Trunks" hair was made blue to match his modern character architecture.

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