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multiple firefox processes in home windows 10

I have actually multiple firefox procedures in my task manager. When I end these procedures, the following time I open firefox I get additional firefox processes. I currently have salso. How execute I sheight this from happening

I have actually multiple firefox processes in my job manager. When I end these procedures, the following time I open up firefox I gain extra firefox processes. I presently have seven. How do I stop this from happening
Perfect. Like I said, that establishing only uses to the procedures that are provided to run internet content, so you will still have actually multiple processes noted for Firefox. There"s no way to merge every little thing right into a solitary process.

If you are interested in seeing what each procedure is being provided for, you deserve to go to the about:memory web page in Firefox and push the Measure button. This will certainly give you a complete detailed breakdown of the memory used by each process, yet you can look at the right side in the Process Index area to watch the processes and what they are offered for.

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For example, I have Key Process, three Web Content, Privileged Content, WebExtensions and RDD processes.

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