Cloud has ultimately arrived! Although a majority of you have actually been testing him out online and in free-for-alls, I’m sure his victory sequences have actually some civilization scratching their heads: “What’s he saying?”

Well, ask and also ye shall receive! Here are Cloud’s 3 victory quotes:

Quote 1: No hard feelings. (悪く思うな / Waruku omou na)

Quote 2: Better luck following time. (ついてないな / Tsuite nai na)

Quote 3: I’m out of your league. (お前に俺は倒せない / Omae ni ore ha taosenai)

Happy Smashing!


Still boggles my mind that they didn’t bvarious other to dub him. He has actually less reason to be speaking in Japanese than Marth and Roy carry out.

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It’s specifically sad since it indicates we don’t get “alright everybody, let’s mosey” as a victory quote.

Given the bad localization FFVII obtained, I’m sure the team didn’t want to incorporate a line that will certainly inevitably acquire overwritten in the remake. (That said, they preserved “Not interested”/興味ないね for the Jump Festa trailer, so perhaps we’ll end up moseying after all!)

You men most likely recognize that Cloud voiced began in kingdom hearts on ps2, and also so on. Cloud’s dub voice actor is constantly is Steve Burton in eexceptionally appearance. It is strange that Cloud in Smash provides only Japanese while the FF7 Remake provides his dub for the west and also I really wonder why.

If they port smash 4 is to NX, what are the chances of dubbing Cloud?

Part of me feels Cloud was consisted of specifically to appeal to the JRPG “purists,” i.e. those who choose JP voices over EN dubs. There may have actually been various other determinants avoiding the team from acquiring Steve on board for the recording, but I imagine there’s also a considerable number of world happier through his JP voice.

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I think that it was a time contranst issue. Apparently Steve Burton wasn’t also asked to repincrease his duty.

I find it amazing how you determined to interpret the 3rd quote. Don’t acquire me wrong I favor it through even more mindset as opposed to a direct literal translation prefer “You can’t defeat me.” Anyway thanks for doing these Masked Man!

Yeah, I felt somepoint with a bit even more edge was correct. I analyze for a living, and also 直訳 often feels “flat” to me, so I perform what I deserve to to emphasize/lug out flavor in the line while retaining the character of the original text.