Now that the Exclusive Battlearea 4 Beta has actually began rolling out, here are some tips to gain you going. Let us know if there is anything even more we can carry out to assist you gain into the Beta as easily as possible.

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Finding the Exclusive Beta on PS3If you are eligible, you should have the ability to discover the Exclusive Battlearea 4 Beta on the PlayStation Store. Navigate to the PlayStation Store, pick “Search” and also enter “Battlearea 4″. Select the Beta and also follow the download instructions.

NOTE: The European rollout of the Exclusive Beta on PS3 has actually began. It will certainly yet take some time before all eligible individuals will have the ability to view it in the PlayStation Store. If you can’t view it now, please inspect aacquire later on.Find out even more around the Beta rollout in this earlier post.

Finding the Exclusive Beta on X360The Exclusive Battlearea 4 Beta for Xbox 360 have the right to now be accessed via Xbox Live for eligible players. Navigate to the Games section on the Xbox 360 Dashboard. If you have actually either BF3 Premium or a Medal of Honor Warfighter – Limited Edition Online Pass, you will certainly view a picture for the Battlearea 4 Beta on your Dashboard. Select it and follow the downfill instructions.NOTE: The world-wide rollout of the Exclusive Beta on X360 has actually started. It will yet take some time prior to all eligible individuals will certainly have the ability to view it on the Xbox Dashboard. If you can’t see it currently, please inspect aobtain later on.Find out more about the Beta rollout in this earlier short article.

Find out how to be eligible for the Exclusive Beta:


Get the Exclusive 4 Beta for X360 from the XBL dashboard if you are eligible.

Joining the best server on PCOn COMPUTER, start the Exclusive Beta from your Origin app. This will launch the 4 area of From there, select the MULTIPLAYER>SERVER BROWSER food selection item to carry up a list of active servers.


Use the effective server internet browser to uncover exactly the server you want. The server internet browser is available on both COMPUTER and also consoles.

The name of the server will certainly list the map and game mode. In this Beta, the map will be ”Siege of Shanghai” (one of ten maps in 4), and the game mode will certainly be either Conpursuit Large (as much as 64 players), Consearch (up to 32 players), or Domicountry (as much as 20 players).

Either join among the detailed servers straight, or click the SEARCH FOR SERVERS toolbar simply above the server list to enter your own filter settings for a more progressed search for servers. Here, you deserve to select the mode, game dimension, totally free slots, and region, among various other things. When you are happy with your choices, hit APPLY FILTER to upday the easily accessible server list.

Once you’ve discovered a server you’re interested in, hit JOIN SERVER to sign up with it.

Joining the appropriate server on X360 and also PS3If you want to acquire quickmatched into a game on an proper server, simply hit QUICK MATCH and also then pick either DOMINATION or CONQUEST.


Hit QUICK MATCH for instant activity, or pick SERVER BROWSER for increased manage of which server and game mode to join. Image from X360, but PS3 interface is virtually identical.

If you would certainly rather usage the more effective hands-on server web browser on console, select SERVER BROWSER to enter the server web browser appropriate. This will lug up a list of some of the easily accessible servers. From there, hit Traingle or Y to enter the server information web page, wbelow you will be able to get even more detailed information around your presently selected server.


The console server browser adds alternatives for you to find precisely the server and game mode you are trying to find. We encourage all players to attempt it out.

From tbelow, hit X or A to add the server in question to your Favorites. This will let you easily uncover the server aget making use of R1-L1/RB-LB in the server internet browser food selection.If you want to search for a specific server setting, hit R3/RS. This will lug up the filter settings comparable to what is explained above for PC. Once you are happy through your filter settings, just back out by hitting O/B to use your settings and gain a refreburned list of applicable servers that you have the right to join.

Playing Conpursuit and Domination

The game modes available in the Beta are Conquest and Domination. Conquest features a large array of land and also air vehicles, while Domicountry is concentrated around infantry combat. Tbelow are 5 more game settings in Battlearea 4, and also you have the right to discover out even more about them in this blog post.

As always, if you have actually any kind of feedback regarding the 4 Beta, please let us understand in the Beta forums here on

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If you have actually any kind of technical worries in the Beta, please head to EA’s Answer HQ for assist.