Why does Aunt Alexandra concerned stay with Atticus and also his household in To Kill a Mockingbird, and what is she like? 

Aunt Alexandra decides to come to remain via Atticus in order to carry out help roughly the residence in the time of Tom Robinson"s trial and to instruct Scout in the ways of being a lady. She is an imposing number, and Scout describes her as being favor Mt. Everest: "She was cold and tright here."

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It"s not precisely clear why Aunt Alexandra unexpectedly decides to come and also live through Atticus and his household in Maycomb. She leaves her husband behind at Finch"s Landing, and also tells Scout that she plans "to remain through you for a while."

"For a while" in Maycomb expected anypoint from 3...

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It"s not exactly clear why Aunt Alexandra all of a sudden decides to come and also live via Atticus and his family members in Maycomb. She leaves her husband behind at Finch"s Landing, and tells Scout that she plans "to remain with you for a while."

"For a while" in Maycomb meant anypoint from three days to thirty years. (Chapter 13

She comes to continue to be for a number of reasons. With the upcoming trial of Tom Robinkid, Atticus will be busier than usual and also away from home for longer hours. Alexandra also believes the children--and Scout in particular--require a woman"s touch approximately the home. Atticus never before admits this completely, and also he beats approximately the bush trying to describe Alexandra"s visibility to his kids.

"We felt it was time you youngsters needed--well, it"s choose this, Scout... Your aunt"s doing me a favor and you all. I can not stay right here all day with you, and also the summer"s going to be a hot one." (Chapter 13)

Alexandra is Atticus"s older sister, and she is provided to obtaining her way. She dominates her lazy husband, Jimmy, that spends the majority of of his day fishing. She tries to overcome Atticus as well till he puts his foot down when Alexandra argues he fire Calpurnia. Her aunt reminds Scout of Mount Everest: "... she was cold and tbelow." She resembles her younger brvarious other, Jack, and also is a terrific cook: "Her cooking consisted of for every little thing." She hates Scout"s "attire," believing she will never before end up being ladyprefer till she starts wearing dresses frequently. Alexandra plays favorites, showering excess attention on her grandchild, Francis, and taking his side after Scout "separation my knuckle to the bone on his front teeth" at Christmas. After showing up in Maycomb, Alexandra is particularly "irritable" on Sundays due to her "corcollection."

She was not fat however solid, and she chose protective clothes that attracted up her bosom to giddy heights, pinched in her waist, flared out her rear, and controlled to indicate that Aunt Alexandra"s was once an hour-glass figure. From any type of angle, she was formidable. (Chapter 13)

(Alexandra"s stay proves to be a reasonably lengthy one, considering that she is still a member of the family members at the end of the novel.)