Captain America: Civl War debuted over the weekfinish, racking up spectacular reviews and $181 million at the box office, great for fifth finest opening of all time. Before our think-piece culture provokes the unpreventable backlash, however, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the better jokes in the Marvel film.

Spoilers, obvs.

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— The scene in which Hawkeye was slagging Iron Man around being a “futurist” was reportedly a nod to the comic New Avengers: Illuminati. I did not recognize that. I assumed it was a nod to Robert Downey, Jrs.’ solo album, The Futurist, which made it a a lot funnier line to me (I owned the album in the day, and also it was a pretty decent).


— Iron Man’s recommendation to Aunts coming in “all forms and also sizes” once speaking of Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May was obviously a swipe at the Internet’s reactivity to Tomei’s casting. She is 51, and there’s no factor to think that she couldn’t be the aunt of an 18 year old, also if she is as attrenergetic as Tomei.


— Iron Man’s reference to Bucky as the Manchurian Candidate was a clever before recommendation to the movie and book of the very same name. For those that don’t understand the details, it’s about a brainwashed sleeper agent functioning for the Communists to assassinate the President of the USA, so the joke in referral to Bucky regulated to be both clever and on the nose.


— We frequently foracquire of the Russo Brothers’ television beginnings. It’s not a joke, per se, but the inclusion of Jim Rash as the MIT professor is all the more amutilizing once you remember that Rash played Dean Pelton on Community, a collection that was exec produced by the Russo Brothers, who also directed a lot of the episodes in seasons 1-3 and also 5 (consisting of the pilot).

— Likewise, the Stair Car in the airplane hanger was clearly a nod to Gob Bluth’s stair vehicle in Arrested Development, the pilot and 13 episodes of which the Russo Brothers additionally directed.


— Ant-Man’s line, “Does anyone have any type of oselection slices” after the substantial Avengers battle had actually no real referral allude, however it was funny. For our International readers who are in tune through suburban life right here in America, it was sindicate a joke around just how Moms pass out oarray slices to their youngsters after huge games, cause they’re exhausted.


— The song playing in the time of the end-credits sequence through Bucky Barnes — that shed his left arm — was Alt-J’s spot-on “Left Hand also Free.”

— Spider-Man’s recommendation to Realm Strikes Back, while he was spinning a web around the legs of Giant Ant-Man to pilgrimage him was, of course, a nod to Luke and also Wedge Antilles wrapping a cable roughly the legs of the AT-AT walker.


— As for the Mark Furhmale joke, which resonated a small louder thanks to People vs. O.J. Simpkid, it was mere coincidence.

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The writers were simply trying to name examine a poor cop, and Furhguy stuck.

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