Superstore: Why Amy Wears Random Name Tags Possibly Superstore"s greatest running gag was Amy wearing the wrong name tag practically every transition, but why did she execute it?

Amy Sosa
Any sitcom via a couple of seasons under its belt is inevitably going to have a roster of running gags built up. On Superstore, the series longest-standing running gag was Amy wearing random name tags, which started in the first episode and also ran ideal till she left the series.

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Amy Sosa, that began the series as Amy Dubanowski, had been functioning for Cloud 9 Store 1217 in St. Louis, Missouri since 2003. It wasn"t the ideal task in the world, but it provided her with a solid inconcerned support her husband also and daughter. Plus, Amy sort of ended up in a "devil she knew" situation, wbelow she at least knew what she was getting from Cloud 9"s corporate masters. Really, it was the are afraid of the unknown that kept her tright here.

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When Jonah Simms joined the staff in Seachild 1, Episode 1, he noticed that Amy"s name tag didn"t have her name on it. Amy explained that she never wore a name tag with her actual name on it because she didn"t desire any Cloud 9 customers to understand it. Given the people that primarily shopped in the keep, it became evident quite conveniently that Amy made the right call.

Amy lis10s to Jonah say somepoint ridiculous.
Name tags are a persistent component of minimum wage tasks choose the ones shown in Superstore. As Wayne Campbell sassist in the initially Wayne"s World movie, "I"ve had actually plenty of joe-work, nothing I"d speak to a career. Let me put it this way: I have a comprehensive repertoire of name tags and also hairnets." Tbelow are most civilization in the civilization that can identify through that sentiment.

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But one aspect of the minimum wage company industry that Amy correctly determined is that some customers will certainly weaponize an employee"s name versus them to get what they desire. It becomes a tool in threats to contact managers and also bully employees in the save. While some complaints are valid, tright here are also many "Karens" who have no issues making use of an employee"s identification to acquire what they desire, no issue exactly how unreasonable.

Therefore, Amy wore a various name tag in almost eincredibly Superstore episode. They belonged to previous employees or to employees who weren"t on change at the same time as Amy. In some situations, they were just random names that belonged to no one at Cloud 9. All that mattered was that Amy might not be figured out by the human being that shopped at the keep.

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While a couple of names did gain repetitive, she just wore a name tag that review "Amy" on three occasions across the 102 episodes her character appeared in. That"s pretty superior when examined from a distance. She also continued this practice as soon as she ended up being the store"s manager. And it obviously didn"t bother the suits at Cloud 9 at all as she preserved obtaining promoted. In a stvariety method, Amy was hocolony about herself in this running gag, and world responded.