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Packet Tracer – Configuring IPv4 Static and also Default Routes (Answer Version)

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* Packet Tracer – Configuring IPv4 Static and also Default Routes

Addressing Table

DeviceInterfaceIPv4 AddressSubnet MaskDefault Gateway


Part 1: Examine the Network and Evaluate the Need for Static Routing

Part 2: Connumber Static and also Default Routes

Part 3: Verify Connectivity


In this activity, you will certainly connumber static and also default paths. A static path is a route that is gone into manually by the netoccupational administrator to produce a trustworthy and safe path. Tright here are 4 various static routes that are offered in this activity: a recursive static path, a directly attached static route, a fully mentioned static route, and also a default course.

Part 1: Examine the Netoccupational and Evaluate the Need for Static Routing

Looking at the topology diagram, how many kind of networks are there in total? 5How many kind of netfunctions are directly connected to R1, R2, and also R3? R1 has 2, R2 has 3, and R3 has 2.How many type of static courses are compelled by each router to reach networks that are not directly connected? R1 requirements 3 static routes, R2 requirements 2 static courses, and R3 needs 3 static courses.Test connectivity to the R2 and R3 LANs by pinging PC2 and also PC3 from PC1.Why were you unsuccessful? Since there are no routes to these networks on R1.

Part 2: Configure Static and also Default Routes

Step 1: Configure recursive static courses on R1.What is recursive static route? A recursive static course counts on the following hop rexternal in order for packets to be sent to its location. A recursive static route needs 2 routing table lookups.Why does a recursive static route need 2 routing table lookups? It must initially look in the routing table for the location network-related and then look up the exit interface/direction of the network for the following hop router.Connumber a recursive static path to every network-related not straight associated to R1, consisting of the WAN link between R2 and R3.ip course course route connectivity to the R2 LAN and also ping the IP addresses of PC2 and PC3.Why were you unsuccessful? R1 has actually a course to the R2 and R3 LANs, but R2 and also R3 carry out not have actually a paths to R1.Tip 2: Connumber straight attached static paths on R2.How does a straight attached static course differ from a recursive static route? A straight attached static route depends on its leave interconfront in order for packets to be sent to its location, while a recursive static course uses the IP resolve of the following hop router.Configure a straight attached static route from R2 to every network not directly connected.ip path Serial0/0/0ip route Serial0/0/1Which command only display screens directly linked networks? present ip path connectedWhich command only display screens the static routes detailed in the routing table? show ip course staticWhen viewing the whole routing table, just how have the right to you distinguish between a directly attached static path and a straight connected network? The static course has an S and a straight linked network-related has a C.Step 3: Configure a default path on R3.How does a default path differ from a regular static route? A default path, likewise recognized as the gateway of last retype, is the netjob-related route supplied by a router when no various other recognized course exists for a location netoccupational. A static route is offered to course website traffic to a specific netjob-related.Connumber a default path on R3 so that eextremely network-related not directly associated is reachable.ip route Serial0/0/1How is a static route shown in the routing table? S* 4: Document the commands for fully mentioned courses.

Note: Packet Tracer does not presently support configuring completely stated static routes. Therefore, in this action, document the configuration for fully stated courses.

Exordinary a totally stated path. A completely mentioned course is a static route that is configured with an departure interface and also the next hop attend to.Which command gives a completely specified static course from R3 to the R2 LAN?R3(config)# ip path s0/0/1 a fully specified course from R3 to the network-related in between R2 and R1. Do not connumber the route; simply calculate it.R3(config)# ip course s0/0/1 a totally specified static course from R3 to the R1 LAN. Do not connumber the route; simply calculate it.R3(config)# ip route s0/0/1 5: Verify static course configurations.

Use the appropriate show regulates to verify correct configurations.

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Which show regulates deserve to you usage to verify that the static courses are configured correctly? present ip route, display ip route static, and also the show ip course commands

Part 3: Verify Connectivity

Eexceptionally device must currently have the ability to ping eextremely other gadget. If not, testimonial your static and also default course configurations.