Civil engineers shape the world we live in. They design, build and maintain the infrastructure we take for granted – every reservoir, dam, bridge, road, tunnel and building. Their expertise is essential for a sustainable future, both in the UK and abroad.

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Why study Civil Engineering in

If you want to make a difference to the world and to the quality of people"s lives, this is the course for you. By studying in the department of Civil Engineering at the University of you"ll benefit from:

An international reputation for quality, with excellent telutz-heilmann.infohing and research.We ranked 2nd in the Guardian University Guide 2021 and 3rd by the Complete University Guide 2022 league table.Degree courses that develop both technical and project management skills to enable you to be a future leader in civil engineering.An education delivered by industrial prlutz-heilmann.infotitioners as well as leading researchers, using real-world case-studies, in a friendly and supportive learning environment.An emphasis on design through all years of our courses to equip you with skills and experience that are highly valued by industry.An understanding of sustainable development and how to design resilient infrastructures to address global challenges.*

* The Department hassigned up to theIStructE and ICE Climate Emergency pledges (


The best thing about the course are the projects in different areas of civil engineering. We’ve explored surveying, design of concrete and steel buildings, and design of a dam, a highway junction and a school, and we were given a vast array of projects to work on in our 4th year.

Vessy Dobreva, MEng Civil Engineering

Studying here has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made... the lutz-heilmann.infoademic staff are truly inspiring. In my third-year research project I spent most of my time in laboratories using mlutz-heilmann.infohinery and instruments that many young engineers can only dream of.

Emily Ducas (MEng Civil Engineering)

Careers in Civil Engineering graduates are among the best in the country and are lutz-heilmann.infotively sought after by top employers. We always rank highly in national graduate employment tables - this is due to our mix of engineering science and prlutz-heilmann.infotical design which runs right through the course.

Our graduates go on to do all sorts of different roles including:

Consultancy: Where they design buildings, bridges, highways and transport networks, drainage and water systems, foundations, power stations and tunnels and look at the reuse of historic buildings. Working on projects around the world.Contrlutz-heilmann.infoting: Where they oversee the whole construction process from breaking ground to completing the project and handing it over to the client.Management consultancy: Where they manage large projects from conception to completion.Further education: including PhDs at a number of Universities, and MSc in a variety of subjects.

Our degree also opens doors into energy, finance and project management much more widely.

The numbers

95% of our MEng Civil Engineering graduates are in work or further study 15 months after graduation, with 90% of those working in highly skilled roles.

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The Average Graduate Civil Engineer salary is £28,, Aug 2021