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Warning, MC's stand also backYou much better take a chill and also observe the skillOf the guy that deserve to, so understand god damnI got a masteritem a grasp setup and a brand newWay to assault the wack cut 'em dvery own to sizeTo realize LL's backDon't sleep I'm as well sweet to repeat a beatA lyric or rhyme I wouldn't waste your timeWith weak words, that's for nerds, you never heard a rhymeSo you deserve a line rougher than turbulent enough is enoughI'm, gonna slaughter choke ya smoke ya prefer a saunaYou don't really wannaBut if you wanna fight on here's a lesson: speak 'fessinI'm a lethal weapon, you much better gain to steppinOff the phase, and also outta my faceYou're as well light *in the asshole* conserve the bassWhy execute you think they call it dope?Why execute you why perform you think they call it dope?It appears like people'll never before understandOn the microphone I'm not your average manI cool out periodically, I conserve my best rhymesAnd then the toy boy thinks that he deserve to come and gain mineLet your friends gas him up, talk trash and also make betsThen gets played favor those kids that tried to rob GoetzYou don't understand what I'm sayin? Yo inspect itGive me any microphone and also god damnit I'll wreck it!I'm coldblooded I'm about to mutilateLast year before I left I told you to waitBut you couldn't continue to be loyal started goin astrayThinkin Tom, Dick, and also Harry have the right to mess via Cool JIs you crazy? I'm boomin, obtained the talent of 2 menThe stamina and ability in fight to kill a few menThe heart of a lion, the loyalty of a soldierI wreck your totality mob then tell ya I told ya!
Why execute you think they call it dope?Why do you why carry out you think they call it dope?Cause I don't jab approximately you, I come insideBob and weave, deceive until you get tongue tiedBrawl for all offer a lyrical displayAnd next time you know better than to get in my way"Yo whassup wit LL?Will he ever make one more 'Rock the Bells'?"Yo brothers is comin up, "I think he's fallin offI don't think he's still 'tough as hell'"See, this is the attitude, of ignorant onesCause they don't understand, all them MCs'll obtain doneOne or two can say, "Yo L'll be back"But the rest they be suckin on Sugar SmacksTalkin that crap around who's better than meYou think so? Just let a MCMake me mad enough, to really wanna battleI put a L on his ass like he was cattle!Why execute you think they call it dope?Why carry out you why perform you think they call it dope?Just cause I make a love song, or say a basic rhyme"Boom, move over L, it's Miller Time"I don't understand whether to laugh, acquire ill or obtain wildCausage brothers don't realize, I gained so many type of stylesLike triplin up the words, confusin all the nerdsHeard put my sights on mics and ?? flippin above theWord to the mom, no other MC brotherCan mess through Ladies LoverI'm original, I'm bright under colorAnd as soon as I gain on the mic, yo I burn rubberCan't stand also criticism, offer 'em added jismBeen rockin for years, currently I have wisdomThe way I'm kickin the lines you can hear my tongue twistAnd it'll have your neck spinnin choose you're spinelessI'm pickin 'em up, throwin 'em downHypin 'em up and also slowin 'em downAll of these words through only one tongueShakin 'em up and also then bakin 'em upSmash boom bash scrapin 'em upNow you believed that was tough, I just begunCausage I'm a roll on the microphoneAnd take manage simply like Al CaponeI'm infamous, you're foolish if you sleep on meCausage I'm as well slick to let a rapper obtain sweet on meTry to make a move for my heavyweight beltYou acquire played like the Wizard of Oz witch, you meltYo I'm crazy dope, via super hype linesAnd most hype lines make one dope rhyme

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Why do you think they speak to it dope?Why carry out you why do you think they call it dope?Why carry out you think they call it dope?Why do you why execute you think they call it dope?Causage that's what it isWhy perform you think they contact it dope?Why do you why perform you think they call it dope?Why carry out you think they contact it dope?*cutting and scratching "Straight from Queens" to the end*