An ankle injury is without a doubt amongst the worst experiences for a volleysphere player. Nopoint is even more terrible than enduring an ankle injury while playing the game you love. As a remedy to this potential risk, many type of imply wearing an ankle brace once playing volleyball. The question is, should you?

Volleyball players should think about wearing an ankle brace if they have actually skilled previous ankle injuries or are came to over their safety and security. Tright here are pros and also cons to wearing an ankle brace, all players should consult via a physician or a certified athletic trainer prior to deciding.

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I composed this write-up via one goal in mind, helping various other volleysphere players make an informed decision on whether or not they should be wearing an ankle brace once playing. Below, I’ll answer a variety of questions concerning this item of tools, from its pros and cons, to which position would certainly many require one.

What Is an Ankle Brace?

Before going in, I’d choose to make sure we have a mutual expertise of what constitutes an ankle brace. An ankle brace is a piece of devices or garment that is worn approximately the ankle through the goal of protecting and also immobilizing it from sprains or various other injuries. There is a big selection of ankle braces available for many type of different situations, from recoincredibly and also daily usage to sporting activities and various other physical tasks.

The ankle braces that volleyball players wear in the time of play are not for immobilization, but for security and also limiting the selection of unpreferred motion for the ankle. These braces are regularly made out of a combination of steel, plastic, and cloth. They are specifically assembled through the goal of offering the most assistance and also security possible.

Why Wear an Ankle Brace?

Before making any kind of decision regarding your safety and security, I would strongly advise that you have actually a discussion with a experienced athletic trainer or your medical professional. When it involves your health, it is essential to note that no two cases are the very same. In this write-up, my intention is to aid you gather the indevelopment necessary to make an educated decision regarding the safety of athletes who play volleysphere.

Preventing an Injury

With the knowledge that ankle injuries are common in volleyball, some athletes and trainers will recommfinish wearing an ankle brace as a straightforward preventative meacertain. The game of volleysphere naturally calls for a good amount of jumping from players which unfortunately often results in players having to land also in awkward and tough positions. Since of these risks, many type of players will certainly choose to wear ankle braces as a preventive meacertain.

On the research side of things, many kind of suggest that wearing prophylactic braces, definition for precautionary functions, will mainly help alleviate the variety of occurrences. A prospective examine on the effect of lace-up ankle braces in high school basketsphere players figured out that a brace decreased the event yet not the severity of acute ankle injuries, both via and without a previous background of ankle injuries. This examine appears to show that wearing a lace-up brace will certainly assist minimize the risk of injury. This exact same study additionally points out that if an injury were still to happen, the severity of that injury would certainly not be minimized by wearing a brace.

Another study from 2008 built up the injury data from all the female volleyball players at the authors’ school from 1998 to 2005, wbelow all the athletes were required to wear an ankle brace as a precautionary meacertain. The researchers then compared the data from that school via all the National Collegiate Athletic Association injury reports of that year. The data gathered clearly indicated that in comparichild, wearing a brace substantially lessened the price of ankle injuries. Following their observation, the examine concluded that wearing an ankle brace was “an effective way to decrease the incidence of ankle injuries in this active but fragile team of athletes”.

But wait, tright here is more! My last piece of proof is a 2018 meta-evaluation that had 6 randomized control trials that compared ankle bracing vs. no treatment for athletes. In their conclusion, the researchers stated that “ankle bracing is reliable for main and also second avoidance of acute ankle injuries among athletes”.


A History of Injuries

A 2002 prospective research done in the Netherlands observed 486 volleyball players from 2 competitive departments for the duration of one season. In full, 100 injuries were reported throughout the course of the seaboy. The study found that 41% of all the reported volleyball-connected injuries were attributed to ankle injuries.

Let’s not sugar coat it, ankle injuries are the the majority of widespread kind of injuries in volleysphere. Not only that, but the same examine mentionned over discovered that 75% of all players that experienced an ankle sprain had actually competent a previous ankle injury. As such, the study concluded that a previous injury was an essential threat factor.

Unfortunately, ankle sprains and also other more significant injuries to the ankle do cause damage to the ligaments and to the foot and also ankle joint structure. A torn or extended ligament or tendon will certainly take time to heal until it have the right to fully go back to normal. It is essential that these aspects have the appropriate protection till they are fully healed. If you recently knowledgeable an ankle injury and also would certainly favor to recognize just how long the recoincredibly duration will be, I encourage you to discuss your specific case via a medical professional or physiotherapist.

A previous injury will certainly threaten the structure of the ankle for a period of time. That being sassist, these are not the just aspects of the body that add to making the body solid and resistant to ankle sprains. Without going into also much information, it is crucial to understand that many kind of components of the reduced body add to the stcapability of the ankle. Body parts such as the hips, knees, calves, glutes, and also other muscles, are all facets that influence the stability of the ankle.

In the end, a background of ankle injuries only makes you more prone to brand-new incidents. Although it is not your only choice, wearing an ankle brace have the right to and also will aid alleviate the risk of reemerging ankle injuries.

For an extra comprehensive and interesting explanation of this topic, I strongly suggest you watch the video listed below which really helped me understand the nuances of ankle injuries and also rehabilitation.

Recovering From an Ankle Injury

We’ve all been tbelow. Injured, but deeply wanting to get earlier to moving and playing volleysphere as shortly as feasible. Fortunately, ankle braces are there to help in the recoextremely procedure. The 6-week time period after an ankle injury is thought about to be when your ankle is at its weakest, and also some braces are carefully designed to aid in this scenario.

As I’ve defined above, it is much less complicated for your ankle to feel weak and also lose balance when running or jumping when in recovery mode. Without a brace, a weaker ankle is exposed to much more danger of a repeat injury. It’s for these factors that a brace is commonly recommfinished until the ankle is steady and also the player feels strong and confident.

High-Risk Positions

We know that ankle injuries occur even more regularly wright here and as soon as there is the majority of exposure to potential dangers. With that in mind, we deserve to sensibly conclude that the volleyball positions the majority of at threat of ankle injuries are the ones who play mainly at the net, jumping for a spike or a block. Namely, these positions are often the middle blockers and the external hitters. I’ve detailed all the volleyround positions below in order of many most likely to least most likely to suffer an ankle injury while playing volleyround.

Middle blockersOutside hittersSetterLibero

As a repercussion of even more jumping, middle blockers uncover themselves to be the ones that a lot of often will want to wear ankle braces. If you play in these higher-hazard positions and you have a past of chronic ankle injuries, or ssuggest are afraid a potential injury, wearing an ankle brace might be a great principle for you.

The Psychology of Wearing an Ankle Brace

Some athletic trainers execute think that tright here is a subtle psychological impact that manifests in some players as soon as wearing an ankle brace. This result appears to largely manifest itself in players that suffered previous ankle injuries. For these players, wearing a brace seems to bring about a little increase in performance, which have the right to be described as a acquire in confidence and reassurance from discovering that they are much less likely to be injured while wearing it. That may be a valid theory, although I’ve discovered no conclusive studies proving or identifying such a rise in performance.

What Is the Most Common Causage of Ankle Injuries in Volleyball?

It is vital to recognize how widespread injuries happen in your sport. Knowing what to suppose deserve to help you be better ready and also train as necessary. Anyone that spends time in the civilization of volleysphere will pertained to the conclusion that ankle injuries are all too prevalent in this sport. Specifically, the a lot of widespread method an ankle will be injured while playing volleyround occurs as soon as jumping at the net, be it to strike or block.

The single most common occasion leading to injuries occurs as soon as players accidentally land also on one another’s foot and shed balance, regularly causing an ankle sprain or perhaps worse. The best means to prevent such a scenario is to train yourself in ending up being more conscious of exactly how and also where you land also after a jump at the net. Volleysphere currently has actually rules dictating that players cannot have their feet cross over the centerline under the net, and also that is for excellent reasons, including lowering the hazard of injuries. Some even more skilled coaches will certainly make it a halittle bit to train players in thinking around and preventing the centerline. In reality, some coaches also believe that players who save their feet amethod from the line are more likely to make much better playing decisions over the net as well.

Normally, the major reasons of these injuries are simple, the more you jump, run and dive, the even more you reveal your ankle to risks. Each exposure will raise the opportunity of an injury emerging. Fortunately, an ankle brace and/or other approaches of avoidance have the right to help mitigate the hazard of ankle injuries.

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Should You Wear an Ankle Brace if You Have No Previous Injuries?

When it pertains to staying clear of ankle injuries, it is undeniable that a brace will and does have actually a great success price. Even though that is the instance, I think that many players would certainly favor not to wear a brace if offered the option. For many players without a background of previous ankle injuries, it may be realistic for them to stop wearing an ankle brace altogether. However before, I would certainly very encourage any type of and all players who select to go dvery own that path to look right into various other ways to protect themselves from ankle injuries. Tright here are many various other techniques available that will certainly likewise yield great results.

Amongst the finest alternate to wearing a brace, there is sindicate training and also strengthening the body. As defined previously, there are ways to make the body more powerful and much better prepared versus scenarios that might reason ankle injuries. Tright here are also research studies that show that Proprioceptive Training, or Stretching, is reliable at reducing the incidence rate of ankle sprains, including those via a background of ankle sprains. If you would like some examples of exercises that deserve to reinforce your ankle stamina, please take into consideration watching the first video found over or this various other video below.