Sometimes, gift cards on eBay are marketed at prices more than their confront worths. You might be wondering why it happens. I am, as well. I went digital to research study and also saw several conversation in many kind of forums. From them, I learned cash earlier or proactivity have the right to define some of them. And now, I knowledgeable that myself. I bid at eBay auction and won. The price is even more than confront value of the gift card, 104.44%. Here is a information.

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The item was $500 Target gift card. It was auction style listing and also finishing in a few hrs once I observed it. Before logging in eBay, I got an email from eBay that informed me about eBay Bucks promovement. It was:

Earn 10% eBay Bucks on every qualifying single item of $250 or more on June 4th to June 5th

I received an email 3 hours before the promovement started. I have viewed the exact same kind of eBay Bucks promovements throughout the year (sometimes 4%, qualifying on $50 or even more purchases, etc.), but they appear at random. So, you should keep an eye on your emails.

$250 is not cheap (at least, for me). You shouldn’t buy something expensive simply to satisfy needs for 10% eBay Bucks. But if you select gift cards for stores that you consistently shop, it will be fine. So I made a decision Target gift card and also bid at the auction. I won the auction for $522.22, which was my max bid. I will certainly get $52.22 in eBay Bucks. Considering this, I acquired $500 Tarobtain gift card for $470. It is precisely 6% off. According to information at, 6% discount is more than the average for Taracquire gift cards and 5% REDcard discount also. It won’t take a month for me to spend $500 at Tarobtain, yet I can even rise up spending by utilizing this strategy (of course, without frittering away).

6% discount is not only the bargain I obtained from the transaction. That is because I earned 0.5% cash back ($2.61) from And I passist with American Expush gift card linked to my PayPal account. When I purchased AmEx GC, I earned 4% equivalent reward ($20.88) from Fuel Rewards Network.

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This is why I invested more money for a gift card which has actually much less value. However, the money I paid is just 104.44% of actual value of the gift card. I still cannot understand also why some gift cards or refill packs are offered at 150% to 200% price. In the forums, world are saying that it’s fraudulent, money laundering, or stupidity. But I feel that tright here have to be an enigma, and I hope I will certainly figure it out one day.



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