The Abyss Watchers are a collective boss in Dark Souls 3 and also one of the first Lords of Cinder that players will certainly confront in the time of their journey. In this overview we will talk about the lore of the watchers, accessible summons, interesting triby means of, and share our tips for defeating them.

Abyss Watchers Dark Souls 3: In-Game Screenshot

General Info around the Abyss Watchers

The Abyss Watcher is a mandatory team boss in Dark Souls 3 and the first Lord of Cinder that players will certainly encounter throughout their playvia.

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Equipped via The Farron Greatsword, dagger, and a memorable scarlet cloak, the Watchers will certainly attack via vicious design, using flipping maneuvers and wide sword-sweep combos to annihilate opponents… and each other.

In this guide we will certainly cover the lore of the Abyss Watchers, a strategy overview to assist you defeat it, and some fascinating triusing & unshown theories.

Boss Card:
NGHPSouls Dropped
Weaknesses: Lightning, Staggering , Backstabs and also ripostesResistance: Dark, BleedImmunities: Poison, Toxic

Abyss Watchers Lore


The Abyss Watchers were the major component of The Undead Legion of Farron, a group formed after the time of Artorias, the Abysswalker. Their singular objective was to root out all traces of the abyssal corruption and prevent it from spreading. Although the cause was noble, the Watchers checked out insane lengths to contain the abyss, regularly elevating entire cities to the ground.

The Undead Legion of Farron is a caravan of Undead, sworn by wolf’s blood to contain the abyss. The legion will certainly bury a kingdom at the initially sign of the exposure.

Source: Hawkwood, Deserter of the Undead Legion

The Watchers took catalyst from Artorias, and partook of the Wolf’s Blood to enhance their bodies and also essence. The blood connected them to the spirit of Artorias and spread this significance between multiple bodies. At some point, the Legion was corrupted by the exceptionally Abyss they sneed to contain and also dropped. One of the many informing indicators of this was the variety of Farron Followers that were tasked with rerelocating corrupted members.

In the finish, the Abyss Watchers connected the fire and also come to be Lords of Cinder. It is unrecognized whether they did this jointly, or if it was done by a singular member. After the linking of the fire, the Old Wolf of Farron, which have the right to be uncovered in the swamp, developed the Watchdogs of Farron, one of the covenants of Dark Souls 3, to safeguard Farron Keep from defilement.

Why Didn’t the Abyss Watchers Take up their Throne?

It is still unclear why the Watchers made a decision to abandon their throne.

Maybe they didn’t want their home to degeneration further. Under Farron Keep, the ruins of Cartherefore are impending with the taint of the Abyss. Although Wolnir was consisted of, his corruption is evident in the Cathedral of the Deep and the Smouldering Lake. With no more followers, the Watchers might be the last line of defence, but this would certainly indicate that they still have their sanity.

Anvarious other concept would certainly be that the Watchers were propelled mad by the corruption of the Abyss. With their followers dprogressed to mindmuch less beasts or fleeing to the Painted World of Ariandel, they were left alone in the rotting bog. Sensing the abyss in each various other, and also unable to die, they are locked in eternal combat.

What is the Connection Between the Watchers and also Artorias?
Image Source: Imgur, Procreate

The link in between the Watchers and also Walker is extremely clear. Artorias was a knight of Gwyn, that took it upon himself to fight against the abyss that erupted in the Ancient Land of Oolecile. The Watchers share the exact same objective. According to the description of the Wolf Knight Helm, the Undead Legion of Farron was produced to bear Artorias’s torch.

The Undead Legion is the only mention of Undead in Dark Souls 3 that is able to fight for a higher reason, rather of being jointly hated.

It is additionally implied that Farron is associated to Oolecile. According to a Youtuber’s concept, Farron is actually Oolecile. Tright here are exceptionally few coincidences in the Dark Souls world, so the common elements between Farron and Oolecile cannot be random. Here are a few signs that support this theory:

You have the right to uncover dead Oolecile mushrooms while travelling through the swamp. If you venture forward, you have the right to additionally find a tiny cave with a single corpse. On the corpse, you will certainly uncover a Golden Scroll which reads: “In the shed land of Oolacile, the sorceries orchestrated light, and also were sassist to shine in golden hues.”The corpse is defended by a mushroom that looks specifically favor Elizabeth from Dark Souls 1’s Oolecile.You can additionally discover Dusk’s collection and the Crown of Dusk, which states: “Feathered crvery own bestowed upon the princess of Oolecile, land also of primitive golden sorceries.”

Tbelow are a few other ideas worth discussing, however I’ll let you check out the video.

Why perform the Abyss Watchers Attack Each Other?

The initially believed would be that they fight for exercise, because they have the right to climb from the dead. But this doesn’t make a lot of feeling. Why fight each various other while encountering the Chosen Ash/Unkindled?

Another theory could be that they have gone totally mad and have the right to sense the abyss in each other so they are fighting endlessly.

The sword and also the dagger are reminiscent of exactly how the knight and also the wolf would certainly have actually dealt with.

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For even more information about the Abyss Watchers lore, please inspect out this great video by VaatiVidya.