Tbelow are a number of approaches to enter the water once you go diving. One of the a lot of prevalent ones is that scuba divers dive backwards into the water. That is just one of the ways to enter though and it is the one entry-approach that is linked through an age-old joke though.

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Now, why exactly have actually so many kind of divers embraced to autumn backward off the watercraft and into the water? Here are a couple of reasons:

It helps you have actually control over your equipment

When you’re dealing with ameans from the water at initially influence, you’re much better able to shield your equipment and store a hold of your facemask and hoses. Scuba divers that attempt entering the various other way usually end up with water in their mask, if they deserve to keep their mask on that is. Suffice to say. It only takes one attempt at a forwards roll to realize it’s not a good principle.

Falling backward is simpler on your body


Even if you’re just falling from a couple of feet, water deserve to be a pretty unforproviding aspect. Falling forwards with a heavy scuba tank on your ago can be an uncomfortable endure, to put it lightly.

You might also get a painful smack in the confront from your mask as it collides with the surface. All in all, that’s not a desired enattempt by any kind of suggests and also scuba divers loss backwards.

It stabilizes the boat

The backward roll is the ideal alternative for scuba divers as soon as you’re in a tiny boat like a RIB (rigid blow up boat). Such a tiny watercraft might have actually a low or less-than-sturdy gunwale, staying clear of you from standing on optimal and also stepping into the water. 

Anvarious other consideration for these smaller sized watercrafts is the influence you can have actually stepping off of them. If your exit from the gunwale is going to reason the watercraft to rock dramatically, the backward roll minimizes the result. For the safety and security of all aboard, you desire to make sure that the boat does not rock to the point that it rolls over.

Alteraboriginal Enattempt Methods​

As you can see, the backward roll is normally a pretty safe and also reliable choice for divers. Of course, tbelow are a couple of options, also. Of the many type of techniques accessible, the large stride and the seated enattempt are more than likely the a lot of famous.

The giant stride

Requirements for the giant stride entry strategy for scuba divers are a stable platcreate prefer a pier, edge of a pool, or one that you would certainly discover on a dive watercraft, and deep, clear water. Get ready by gearing up and also standing at the edge of the platcreate via your fins hanging over the edge. 


Some specialists suggest inflating your BCD halfmethod to increase your buoyancy before diving into the water. When you’ve acquired a hand secudepend on your regulator and mask, you deserve to perform a final inspect that the water is clear and also take a huge action forward right into the water off the watercraft. 


You step out far sufficient so that your tank and also various other dive equipment don’t accidentally hit the side of the boat on your way dvery own. Hold on tight to your mask and regulator through your appropriate hand as soon as you enter so they won’t come off or gain dislocated.And that’s it! You’re all set to go! Don’t feel choose you need to jump! Simply take a large stride and plunge right into the water.You’ll enter the water feet first compared to the back roll wbelow your feet enter last.

The seated entry

The seated entry is equally easy. You need a gunwale or platcreate that is close to the surface. Get on all of your gear and also sit dvery own through your legs dangling in the water.

Check that the room alongside the watercraft is complimentary of obstacles. Verify that every one of your tools is functioning properly. 

Lift your body over the edge with both arms and spin roughly so that you’re encountering the boat. The spin will make sure that your cylinders or various other dive gear don’t graze the side of the boat on your method into the water.

With the seated enattempt a diver goes in feet first vs. earlier first once divers roll backward. Make certain to organize on to your confront mask and regulator via one hand so they don’t get unseated when you acquire into the water.

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This approach is perfect if you have a limited enattempt area due to a reef, or a rather unstable surchallenge.


Final Thoughts

And tbelow you have it. All you should understand around safely entering the water without being the butt of the backward roll joke! Whatever strategy you select as soon as diving and entering the water, be safe, and gain the dive!