Many smokers are used to smoking cigarettes and rolls as soon as they purchase them, but what if you’d like to enjoy your tobacco over a couple of days or even weeks? Freezing is a great option to consider for smokers who are more on the recreational side but would still like to enjoy a fresh smoke once in a while. Smokers have debated about the quality of frozen tobacco for years but whether it is a viable or not, you’ll have to try it out for yourself to see.

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Why can freezing tobacco be a good idea?

There are many positives to freezing tobacco. Freezing tobacco can help with its longevity and maintain its freshness even after a couple weeks. Keeping your tobacco in the freezer will also eliminate its distinct smell which some individuals may not enjoy. Freezing tobacco will also often change its taste and may be easier to smoke for some people, as it becomes much more mellow and smooth.

If you are not yet ‘out of the closet’ as a smoker, the freezer may also be a good place to hide your tobacco if you cannot smoke it all at once, or want to smell smoke-free.

Risks to freezing your tobacco

Although tobacco freezing comes with many advantages, it is also not without risks. Freezing may alter the quality of your tobacco as it can dry out oils and the ingredients of tobacco over time. This will also be the case with herbs.

Rather than in cold and dry areas, tobacco may be better preserved in cool and dark places such as in a cupboard or the pantry. Some people may also prefer storing their tobacco in the fridge (rather than the freezer) as it is less cool – however, the light that seeps into the tobacco due to frequent usage of the fridge may not be ideal either.

If you have been freezing your tobacco but have noticed your green leaves turning purple, this may be an indicator of stressed leaves. Stressed leaves are caused by poor nutrient flow and cause tobacco to lower in quality. In the case that your leaves are turning purple, remove them from the freezer and make sure they are stored in a warmer temperature.

Tips for freezing your tobacco

For those who are looking to freeze tobacco for the first time, here are some tips:

Store your tobacco in a well-sealed and air tight bag or container. Spaces with air in them will not correctly preserve your tobacco as humidity will leak out. Storing your tobacco in non-air-tight containers may result in freezer burn, which will ruin the product as the ingredients will completely dry them out with no hope of restoration.Store your tobacco in the freezer for at least a week. Freezing tobacco for a longer period of time during your first time trying will give you a good sample of frozen tobacco and whether it suits your task. Always warm it up and rehydrate it before smoking.Check on your tobacco in the freezer every once in a while for ice crystals. Ice crystals are usually a sign of freezer burn and may discolor your leaves or spoil their taste. Making sure your tobacco is not damaged during the freezing process is essential to a successfully preserved batch.

Freezing your tobacco is an easy and convenient way to keep it fresh for the long term, as freezers are readily accessible and storage in air-tight containers is a simple feat. Rather than dwelling on the possibilities for too long, try it out for yourself and who knows, you may come to appreciate the softer and smoother taste of matured tobacco.

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Besides keeping your tobacco in the freezer, there are other ways to keep your tobacco fresh. To learn more ways on how to keep your tobacco fresh, visit SuperSmoke’s guide here. As freezing is a long and still relatively new tobacco preservation process, it may be worthwhile to consider other well-known and proven methods such as storing tobacco in hygrometers, temperature management and rehydration.