CCNA 3 (v5.0.3 + v6.0) Chapter 6 Exam Answers for Multiarea OSPF

CCNA 3 Chapter 6 Exam Answers 2020

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1. Refer to the exhilittle. Which 2 netfunctions contain feasible successors? (Choose two.)


2. Which 3 metric weights are collection to zero by default as soon as expenses in EIGRP are being calculated?(Choose three.)


3. What information does EIGRP keep within the routing table?

only successors*all courses well-known to the routeronly feasible successorsboth followers and also feasible successorsadjacent neighbors

4. Which configuration is important to ensure effective operation of EIGRP for IPv6?

The eigrp router-id command also calls for an IPv6 attend to within the router configuration mode.The network command also is required within the router configuration mode.

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The no shutdvery own command is compelled within the router configuration mode.*The rexternal eigrp autonomous-system command is compelled within the rexternal configuration mode.

5. Fill in the blank.In an EIGRP topology table, a route that is in a/an ________ state will reason the Diffutilizing Update Algorithm to sfinish EIGRP queries that ask various other routers for a course to this netoccupational.Correct Answer: active

6. Refer to the exhibit. R2 has actually two possible courses to the netjob-related. What would make the different path satisfy the feasibility condition?

a reported distance less than 3523840*a reported distance higher than 41024000a feasible distance greater than 41024000an bureaucratic distance much less than 170

7. Fill in the Blank. Use the abbreviation.EIGRP offers the protocol ______ to deliver EIGRP packets to next-door neighbors.

Correct Answer: RTP*

8. What is identified within the opcode of an EIGRP packet header?

the EIGRP sum of delays from resource to destinationthe EIGRP host timer agreed upon via a neighborthe EIGRP message type that is being sent or got from a neighbor*the EIGRP autonomous device metrics

9. Which table is offered by EIGRP to keep all routes that are learned from EIGRP neighbors?

the adjacency tablethe routing tablethe topology table*the neighbor table

10. When an EIGRP-enabled rexternal offers a password to accept courses from other EIGRP-enabled routers, which mechanism is used?

Reliable Transport Protocolpartial updatesEIGRP authentication*bounded updatesDiffutilizing Upday Algorithm

11. Which location MAC resolve is provided when a multicast EIGRP packet is encapsulated into an Ethernet frame?

12. What is the objective of using protocol-dependent modules in EIGRP?

to define various routing processesto identify various application layer protocolsto accommoday routing of various network layer protocols*to usage various move protocols for different packets

13. If all rexternal Ethernet interencounters in an EIGRP netjob-related are configured via the default EIGRP timers, just how lengthy will certainly a rexternal wait by default to get an EIGRP packet from its neighbor before proclaiming the neighbor unreachable?

10 seconds15 seconds*20 seconds30 seconds

14. Which command also or commands must be entered on a serial interchallenge of a Cisco rexternal to reclaim the bandwidth to the default value of that specific router interface?shutdown

no shutdownbandwidth 1500copy running-config startup-configreloadno bandwidth*

15. Which two components does an EIGRP router usage to recognize that a route to a remote network meets the feasible problem and also is therefore loop-free? (Choose 2.)the feasible distance on the regional router*

the reported distance on a neighbor router*the governmental distance on the remote routerthe successor path on a neighbor routerthe feasible successor course on the remote router

16. Why would certainly a netjob-related administrator use a wildcard mask in the netjob-related command once configuring a rexternal to use EIGRP?to exclude some interencounters from the EIGRP process*

to send a manual summarization

to reduced the rexternal overhead

to subnet at the moment of the configuration

17. Refer to the exhibit. R3 has 2 feasible courses to the netjob-related. What is the reported distance of the feasible follower route?



18. Which statement explains a characteristic of the shipment of EIGRP update packets?EIGRP

sends out all update packets using multicast.EIGRP sends out all update packets using uniactors.EIGRP uses a trustworthy shipment protocol to send all upday packets.*EIGRP offers UDP to send all upday packets.

19. An administrator worries the rexternal eigrp 100 command on a rexternal. What is the number 100 supplied for?as the size of time this rexternal will wait to hear hello packets from a neighbor

as the number of neighbors supported by this routeras the autonomous device number*as the maximum bandwidth of the fastest interconfront on the router

20. Which two EIGRP packet kinds are sent through untrusted delivery? (Choose two.)query


21. A netoccupational administrator desires to verify the default delay values for the interdeals with on an EIGRP-permitted rexternal. Which command also will certainly screen these values?

present running-configdisplay ip protocolsshow interfaces*present ip route

22. Open the PT Activity. Perdevelop the jobs in the task instructions and then answer the question. Which code is shown on the web server?


23. A brand-new netoccupational administrator has been asked to verify the metrics that are provided by EIGRP on a Cisco gadget. Which 2 EIGRP metrics are measured by utilizing static values on a Cisco device? (Choose two.)


24. Question as presented:



25. Concern as presented:



26. Which statement defines a multilocation OSPF network?

It is composed of multiple network-related locations that are daisy-chained together.It needs a three-layer hierarchical network style approach.It has actually a core backbone area with various other locations linked to the backbone location.*It has actually multiple routers that run multiple routing protocols all at once, and each protocol is composed of a space.

27. What is one advantage of making use of multilocation OSPF?

It allows OSPFv2 and also OSPFv3 to be running together.It permits multiple routing protocols to be running in a large network-related.It increases the routing performance by separating the neighbor table right into sepaprice smaller ones.It boosts the routing effectiveness by reducing the routing table and link-state update overhead.*

28. Which characteristic describes both ABRs and ASBRs that are imposed in a multilocation OSPF network?

They usually have many kind of regional networks attached.They both run multiple routing protocols concurrently.They are forced to percreate any summarization or recirculation tasks.*They are compelled to reload frequently and also easily in order to update the LSDB.

29. An ABR in a multiarea OSPF network-related receives LSAs from its neighbor that identify the neighbor as an ASBR via learned exterior networks from the Internet. Which LSA type would certainly the ABR send to various other locations to identify the ASBR, so that interior web traffic that is destined for the Net will be sent out with the ASBR?

LSA kind 1LSA form 2LSA kind 3LSA form 4*LSA type 5

30. Which 2 statements effectively define OSPF kind 3 LSAs? (Choose two.)

Type 3 LSAs are known as autonomous mechanism exterior LSA entries.Type 3 LSAs are created without requiring a complete SPF calculation.*Type 3 LSAs are offered for paths to networks exterior the OSPF autonomous mechanism.Type 3 LSAs are known as router attach entries.Type 3 LSAs are offered to upday routes in between OSPF locations.*

31. Refer to the exhibit. What deserve to be concluded around network-related in the R2 routing table?The network-related was learned from a router within the same location as R2.*


The netoccupational was learned with summary LSAs from an ABR.The network-related can be got to through the GigabitEthernet0/0 interconfront.This network should be offered to forward website traffic toward outside networks.

32. A netjob-related administrator is verifying a multi-location OSPF configuration by checking the routing table on a rexternal in area 1. The administrator notices a route to a network that is linked to a rexternal in location 2. Which code appears in front of this route in the routing table within area 1?


33. Which three measures in the design and also implementation of a multiarea OSPF netjob-related are thought about planning steps? (Choose three.)

Verify OSPF.Configure OSPF.Define the OSPF parameters. *Gather the required parameters.*Troubleshoot the configurations.Define the network needs.*

34. A netjob-related administrator is implementing OSPF in a portion of the netoccupational and also should ensure that just certain courses are advertised through OSPF. Which netoccupational statement would certainly configure the OSPF procedure for netfunctions,,, and, now located in the backbone area, and inject them right into the OSPF domain?

r1(config-router)# netjob-related location 1r1(config-router)# netjob-related location 1r1(config-router)# netoccupational location 1r1(config-router)# netjob-related area 0r1(config-router)# netjob-related location 0*r1(config-router)# netoccupational location 0

35. The network administrator has actually been asked to summarize the routes for a brand-new OSPF area. The netfunctions to be summarized are,, and also via subnet masks of for each network-related. Which command have to the administrator usage to forward the summary path for location 15 right into area 0?

location 0 range 0 range 15 range*location 15 array

36. Which 2 netfunctions are part of the summary path (Choose 2.)**

37. Wbelow have the right to interlocation course summarization be percreated in an OSPF network?

ASBRDRABR*any router

38. Refer to the exhibit. What is shown by the O IA in the router output?


The path was manually configured.The course was learned from within the location.The route was learned from outside the internetoccupational.The course was learned from another area.*

39. Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)


The enattempt for represents a loopback interface.The routing table has courses from multiple locations.*To reach netoccupational, web traffic will take a trip through the GigabitEthernet0/0 interface.The routing table has 2 intra-area courses.To reach network, web traffic will exit by means of the Serial0/0/0 interconfront.*

40. Which command also can be supplied to verify the contents of the LSDB in an OSPF area?

show ip ospf database*show ip ospf interfacepresent ip ospf neighbordisplay ip course ospf

41. Fill in the blank.The backbone location interconnects via all other OSPF area varieties.

42. Fill in the blank. Do not usage acronyms.

OSPF form 2 LSA messperiods are just generated by the designated router to advertise routes in multiaccessibility networks.

43. Fill in the blank. Use a number.An ASBR geneprices type 5 LSAs for each of its external routes and floods them into the area that it is associated to.

44. Refer to the exhibit. Fill in the empty. Do not use abbreviations.


The netjob-related area 1 command also must be issued to configure R1 for multilocation OSPF.

45. Why do OSPF serial interdeals with commonly call for hands-on bandwidth configuration?

OSPF uses the bandwidth worth to compute paths for its routing table.*Each side of an OSPF serial connect need to be configured with a distinctive worth.All serial interdeals with default to a worth of 1.544 Mb/s.Bandwidth value affects the actual rate of the link.

46. What is provided to facilitate ordered routing in OSPF?

autosummarizationthe usage of multiple areas*regular SPF calculationsthe election of designated routers

47. What OSPF LSA type is provided to indevelop routers of the rexternal ID of the DR in each multiaccess network in an OSPF area?

type 1kind 2*form 3kind 4

48. What type of OSPF LSA is originated by ASBR routers to advertise external routes?

kind 1kind 2form 3form 5*

49. What routing table descriptor is supplied to recognize OSPF summary networks that originate from an ABR?


50 .Refer to the exhilittle bit. After attempting to enter the configuration that is presented in router RTA, an administrator receives an error and also customers on VLAN 20 report that they are unable to reach individuals on VLAN 30. What is bring about the problem?


Dot1q does not support subinterfaces.There is no deal with on Fa0/0 to use as a default gatemethod.RTA is utilizing the very same subnet for VLAN 20 and VLAN 30.*The no shutdown command need to have been issued on Fa0/0.20 and Fa0/0.30.

51. Refer to the exhibit. A netjob-related administrator has actually been asked to summarize the networks displayed in the exhibit as component of a multilocation OSPF implementation. All addresses are making use of a subnet mask of What is the correct summarization for these eight networks?


52. Open the PT Activity. Perform the jobs in the task instructions and then answer the question. Fill in the empty. Do not usage abbreviations. What is the lacking command also on router R2 to develop an adjacency in between routers R1 and also R3?

network location 0 *

53. Match each kind of OSPF router to its summary. (Not all choices are used.)


Place the options in the complying with order:backbone router-> a router in the backbone area– not scored – internal router -> a router through all its interdeals with in the very same areaAutonomous System Boundary Router -> a rexternal that contends least one interface that is attached to a non-OSPF networkArea Border Router -> a router through its interencounters attached to multiple areas

54. Launch PT Hide and Save PT


Open the PT Activity. Perform the jobs in the task instructions and also then answer the question.

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What is staying clear of customers who are associated to rexternal R2 from accessing sources situated either within the network-related or the internet?

The rexternal R2 is not receiving any type of updates from either router R1 or R3.*The default route is not redispersed appropriately from the rexternal R1 by OSPF.The OSPF timers that are configured on routers R1, R2, and R3 are not compatible.The interface that is associated to the ISP is down.The OSPF netjob-related statements are misconfigured on among the routers.

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